(Song Cover) Crying & Cover Girl – INFINITE

Crying – Infinite H ft. Baby Soul covered by me (@aprilprili) ^^


Cover Girl – Infinite covered by me (@aprilprili)


[FAN ACCOUNT] INFINITE Second Invasion concert (at Tokyo International Forum) on 25th Feb 2012

CREDIT: sunnytrain @ (Take Out With Full Credit)



This is the first day of Second Invasion in Japan. About 5000fans came to watch them. Unlike show in Korea,this concert place had no passage. Anyway…they came down into fan’s seat area.


14:30 Goods shop opened

17:00 Concert place opened

18:00 Show started

20:30 Show ended


=Second Invasion video(Spy cut long version)=


2,Come Back Again


=Greeting and message for today’s show=


5,Tick Tock

6,Can U Smile

7,Fixed Star

=Love Love Coupling Show video #1=

8,I’ve Lived Beside You for a While (Myungsoo’s solo supported by Sungjong’s keyboard)

9,Because (Sungkyu’s solo)


11,Be Mine

=Talking time about their solo performance=

12,You Look Good (Hoya&Dongwoo’s performance) *Cover of Verval Jint

13,Crying (Hoya,Dongwoo and Babysoul’s performance)

14,Time (Woohyun’s solo)

15,Trouble Maker (Sungjong&Sungyeol’s performance) *Cover of Trouble Maker (Hyunseung&Hyuna)

16,Hidden Track (Sungkyu played Guitar)

=Love Love Coupling Show video #2=


=Talking time about their solo&group performance=

18,Real Story

19,Cover Girl

20,White Confession

21,Nothing’s Over

22,She’s Back


=Talking time/Information of Japan 2nd single release=

24,BTD Jp.ver


Encore 1,Julia

Encore 2,Voice of my heart


M1-7 Snow prince

M10 Illuminated black costume (lights on)

M11 Illuminated black costume (lights off)

M17-25 Casual pastel colored jackets

Encore Chick jackets and coats

Yeollie’s corn row made him hot.

Hoya’s dragon ball hair was just amazing. Like he has upside down gravity.

<Postscript in performance>

M-1 Infinity

Their shadows appeared upon higher stage with red lights behind. Same as former concert. That was so cool and fans screamed a lot! Choreography 100%synchronized.

M-2 Come Back Again

This time,taste of this song was truly different. I mean this was awesome because of live band playing. Drumming sound so heavy. Guitar ruled. In the half of this song,which Sungkyu sings solo pointed to fans… unforgettable moment.

M-3 Hysterie

Same as “Come Back Again”,live band played background music. So cool. Sungkyu’s voice condition felt so good especially in high keys.

=Greeting and message for today’s show=

Boys talked a lot in Japanese. It’s amazing they learned Japanese in spite of hectic schedules.

Myungsoo was starter to speak. He smiled gently with elegance.

Myungsoo: Minnano eien no boyfriend L desu. (I’m L,your forever boyfriend.)

Sungjong was cute and bright as expected.

Sungjong: Hontouni kyou wo matte itanode ureshii desu. (I’ve been really looking forward to perform today. So I’m happy now.)

Dongwoo passed bottle of water to Sungjong. How kind!

Dongwoo: Minna no okagede subarashii butaini narimashita. (Thanks to everyone who support us,this could be terrific concert.)

I thought Woohyun would behave over-acting cute style,but he wasn’t showing so much aegyo. Anyway his words were sweet as usual.

Woohyun: Bokutachi no kanojoni natte kudasai! (Be our girlfriend!)

Unexpectedly,Hoya was greasy here… Woohyun taught how to make Jp fans excited?

Hoya: Minasan,ohisashiburidesu. Aikawarazu kirei desune. (It’s long time no see. You’re as beautiful as ever.)

Yeollie’s speech was full of witness,he’s clever and funny same time! And his pronunciation like native speaker made me surprised.

Sungyeol: Bokuha imamadeno youna itazurakkono Sungyeol ja arimase~n. Chanto sekinin wo toreru otokoni narimashita! (I’m not that such playful Sungyeol anymore~. I became a man who can take responsibility for things.)

The last person was Sungkyu. Our smiling eyes leader! He looks he grew up both mentally and physically since they came to Japan and held showcase last year.

Sungkyu: Tanoshimu junbi ha dekiteimasuka? (Are you ready to have fun?)

It was appreciated for them to improve skills of speaking Japanese. Because we are often late to react when they speak Korean at concert…always waiting for interpreter’s words. But this time we could understand their mentions easily! Absolutely boys learned hard. So thankful to them.

M-4 Wings

In halfway of song,6 dancers appeared and danced together. Main part was so gorgeous,13 guys were dancing synchronized! Woohyun did cutting corner in dancing like Leaping Over concert in Osaka. But his voice was perfect.


M-5 Tick Tock

This song started with dance break. So first we didn’t realize what song this is. Later,they stopped and big clock was displayed on backside screen. Sungkyu’s main part was so brilliant. Woohyun’s last high key chorus too. They did choreo of clock moving very simple,unlike Leaping Over performance. This song was supported by live bands again. Moreover orchestra violins added!

M-6 Can U Smile

Before this song started,boys made speech for short while.

Syugkyu: Kyouno kaijou ha saikou desune. (Today fans at concert place are wonderful.)

Woohyun: Tsugiha ballad wo youi shimashita. Band no Junbi ga dekitara hajimemasu. (Next,we prepared ballad songs. We will start when back bands got ready.)

Then live bands got ready. Boys started to sing “Yeah,yeah,yeah…yey yeah”. And fans followed. You know Jp fans are bit coward to put out loud voice in front of others,so when boys stopped to sing,there was less chorus in concert hall. This must be different from concert in Korea.

Real time camera caught them and it showed split on behind screen. Boys sang song with big drops of sweat on faces.  They sang with great emotion,so Woohyun’s mic made clipping noise in long loud chorus.

M-7 Fixed Star 

Calm song. But fans kept standing. Stage was dark blue but small dot of lights were decorated on,as if they’re singing in starry night.

=Love Love Coupling Show video #1=

M-8 I’ve Lived Beside You for a While

(Myungsoo’s solo supported by Sungjong’s keyboard)

Sungjong started to play keyboard back side of Myungsoo. Myungsoo was singing song almost his eyes closed. His double eyelids were beautiful… His vibration in chorus was so nice. Sungjong sometimes was about to push wrong chord,but he did good. Live band joined to make volume up song in halfway. Myungsoo,why are you such perfect?

M-9 Because (Sungkyu’s solo)

Sungkyu was in psychedelic printed t-shirt,leather pants,and then he wore leather short jacket with studs and some English patchworks. He performed simple choreo with some dancers. Same as concert in Korea,he shouted at last part. 4 or 5 times he shouted. His voice cracked so much…

M-10 Paradise

Boys came back to stage together. Special intro for this song. In the darkness,only their illuminated costumes were moving quick. So cool. However they didn’t treat singlet appearance for us,this was still awesome.

M-11 Be Mine

Their illuminations turned off,and the stage was lighted up again. Fanchants were really good especially for this song. Their performances are good as usual.

=Talking time about their solo performance=

Hoya: Tanoshinde masuka? (Are you having fun?)

Fans: Yeah!!

Hoya asked to us 3times… then he left stage with Dongwoo.

Hoya: Bokuha Dongwoo kun to hanashi ga arunode,kokode shitsurei shimasu. (Since I have something to talk to Dongwoo,I’m leaving now.)

Dongwoo: Chotto shitsurei shimasu. (Excuse me.)

Then Sungkyu started to speak in Korean.

Sungkyu: The song we performed just before,was our memorable hit song “Be Mine”. And,there was Myungsoo’s solo performance right? I was surprised your singing was very good!

Myungsoo: It’s my first original song. 

Sungkyu praised Myungsoo,so he got blushed.


Sungkyu: Sungjong played piano! Wow that was great too!

Sungjong: It was my first time to play piano. I’m happy that I could make it! But more than anything,I’m happy I could help Myungsoo-hyun’s performance! Sungkyu’s rock performance was also good,wasn’t it? 

Sungkyu: I’m happy to show you rock version of “Because”. Once I was one of member in rock music band.


Woohyun: Now,Hoya and Dongwoo are under preparation for their HIP HOP performance. Hey,speaking of HIP HOP,you know it’s me. I’m real HIP HOP. I will show you when you wanna get excited for HIP HOP. Put your hands up! 

He move right hand up and down like b-boy style. Fans pretended him and moved hand up and down.

All boys left stage with their hands moving just like Woohyun. So funny.

M-12 You Look Good (Hoya&Dongwoo’s performance) *Cover of Verval Jint

Hoya and Dongwoo appeared in black jacket with spangled collar,black metallic colored ties and shirts,gray pants. Killing cool. Lyrics were displayed moving fast on screen. They did rap mainly,but they sang as well. Hope they will release this song in next single or something…

M-13 Crying (Hoya,Dongwoo and Babysoul’s performance)

Babysoul joined! This would be her first live performance in Japan? Hoya was standing on left,and Dongwoo was right on the stage. Babysoul appeared on large chair upon higher place of stage. How cute her way of singing! Her way of opening and closing mouth. So cute. Hoya and Babysoul got together in singing main part. Once Hoya was about to make mistake in rap,but he got through safely.

M-14 Time (Woohyun’s solo)

Woohyun was putting black spangled vest. He revealed his muscular arms. Vest had deep slit in front,shadow of his chest bone was even shown. He did good in singing,but his chorus sound was too big. That might be misunderstood by anyone as if he was not really singing… He can sing flawless without that loud chorus sound. In the last part,he got down on knees and looked down. He cried? I couldn’t get in sight…

M-15 Trouble Maker (Sungjong&Sungyeol’s performance) *Cover of Trouble Maker (Hyunseung&Hyuna)

Main dish for tonight. Sungjong’s dancing was so cool! He appeared in leopard printed jacket. Same as concert in Korea. And what huge Hyuna…Yeol was in tight short red dress. Small cat ears,bare upper legs,long black boots. As expected,Yeollie tore off his chest button so hard at last part. Lucky fans could look at his nipples! Yeollie walked backward on stage,he invited Sungjong by moving his forefinger. Jong followed “her”… Finally they kissed. OMG.

M-16 Hidden Track (Sungkyu played Guitar)

Fans were still excited for hot performance,other members came back to stage with bright smiles. Woohyun led balloon dog like “Birth of Family” episodes.

Woohyun: Umida~ umida~ (Here we are at seashore~)

Hoya: Koreha nani? (What’s this?) *pointed at his dog

Woohyun: Nureungi desu. (It’s Nureungi)

Sungkyu played acoustic guitar. I didn’t know he was such good guitarist! His scratch of riff proved how he was good at playing guitar.

Yeollie kept putting his hand on chest. Maybe he lost buttons.

Boys acted chatting just like this song’s original atmosphere.

Woohyun: **wo tabeni ikou~! (Let’s go eat **!!)

 *I couldn’t hear what he wanted to eat…

Then manager appeared right side of stage. Boys immediately started to run and escaped from manager.

=Love Love Coupling Show video #2=

M-17 1/3

Shuffle dancing for 1st part! 2nd part was usual choreo. And they did shuffling in the last part again with back dancers. Shuffling choreos synchronized 100%! Sungkyu’s solo part was beautiful.

=Talking time about their solo&group performance=

Hoya broke silence this time with funny talk. 

Hoya: Nande konnani dance ga umaino? (Why are you so good at dancing?)

Woohyun: Renshuu,renshuu,mata renshuu. (Practice,practice,practice again.)

Hoya: Sungyeol and Sungjong’s “Trouble maker” was great impact for me.

They mentioned about their solo&group performance more…but I just had fun of their talking,I didn’t remember details…

Hoya: This is time for us to confess all of you.

M-18 Real Story

This is first time to perform in Japan! But I wasn’t focus on stage…because staffs were preparing for something with rope in our seat area. It means soon there will be someone passes sidewalk…

M-19 Cover Girl

Rope skipping choreo!! First show!! Best ever!! All the fans got excited those cute boys definitely. Boys were skipping here and there on stage. Fans on 1st floor were so nervous when they came down to seat area…but boys didn’t come.

M-20 White Confession

While this song ran,boys came down to pass chocolates to fans. Just in my front was sidewalk. Dongwoo passed 2times. Myungsoo passed too. I touched Dongwoo’s upper arm…it was so soft. He bowed so many time to go through between excited fans. My friend got chocolate from him! How lucky! Hoya and Woohyun stayed on stage and threw rubber balls to fans. Seat area was in confusion. Screaming got freaking louder. I missed Yeollie’s message speech…

M-21 Nothing’s Over

Although stage was bright and boys performed with happy faces,I was totally crying during this song. This song is so touching for me. It was released last year spring,when we were suffered by earthquake. I was watching their performances everyday. This song’s message always cheers me up.

Hoya’s “I say Ho,you say Ya” in bridge part was still performed.

Woohyun showed bunny aegyo with his eyes almost closed! So cute.

Sungkyu blew kiss to fans.

M-22 She’s Back

Woohyun seemed to got surprised since this song started quickly. He started to sing matched to background music,but chorus sound was too big. It was better for him to start with his time,if there’s live bands…

I guess this song’s fanchant was changed before,so fans confused which one to speak out.

M-23 Amazing

Boys seemed without strict concentration so much. It’s ok because this song feels casual taste. Otherwise they got so exhausted.

=Talking time/Information of Japan 2nd single release=

Myungsoo: We have something to tell you. In April,18th…we will release Japan 2nd single “Be Mine”! 

Fans made big applause and screaming.

Only Sungkyu left for a while stage when Myungsoo informed their plan to fans. I hope nothing bad caused on him.

Dongwoo: Once you become Inspirit,you will be Inspirit forever. We will be also Infinite forever! 

Hoya: We will make effort and we will be better Infinite as ever. Please keep supporting us!

Woohyun: Don’t meet up with other guy until we get back to you,ok?

I might have wrong memory of who said what…but their messages were like these.

M-24 BTD Jp.ver

Sungkyu’s vocal was so strong. Woohyun’s way to pronounce Japanese was like bit some Jp rock singer. In scorpion dancing,Sungkyu and Hoya were a bit late to stand up. Anyway this is such little thing. They performed over 20songs and they tried scorpion dancing! Unbelievable.

M-25 Entrust

Boys always look bright when they perform this song! Hoya was doing push-up on higher stage with 2dancers. Dongwoo wiped his sweat with Sungkyu’s shirt. Boys walked along here and there on the stage. Happy moment.

Encore 1,Julia

Before encore,fans sang “Torawa,torawa…” and lightstick colors were various. But I heard there’s plan to sing “White Confession” and turn lightstick into yellow,to invite boys again. Maybe plan was failed this time.

Before boys come back to stage,a video was run on screen. Background music is instrumental of “Julia”. That video showed how they worked hard since their debut. “Everyone said it can never be succeeded…” But boys did their best,and fans kept supported them. In the last part of that video,the moment came up…their first time for win 1st place in M!Countdown. “I love you.” Cried hard to watch whole vid.

Boys came back to stage. Sungjong sat on left side,Myungsoo on right. Hoya,Sungyeol,Woohyun,Sungkyu,Dongwoo were sitting with ease on middle stage.

Encore 2,Voice of my heart

Those are part of their speech before this song. Except Yeollie,boys mentioned their feelings for several sentences.

Sungkyu: Tsugino kyokuga saigo no kyoku desu. (Next song is true final.)

Dongwoo:  Hontouni arigatou. (Thank you very much.)

Myungsoo: Korekaramo aishite kureruyone? (Are you going to keep love us,aren’t you?)

Hoya: Bokutachi,mata modotte kimasu. (We will come back here again.)

Woohyun: Korekara motto seichou dekiruyou ganbarimasu. (From now on,we will do our best to grow up more.)

Sungjong: Motto kakkoyoku natte modotte kimasu. (We will change grater and we will come back.)

Sungyeol looked down and he only gave one word.

Sungyeol: Aishiteruyo. (I love you.)

Song started with live bands performance.

In the last part,Myungsoo spaced out and he didn’t even blink eyes. Woohyun had lines between his eyebrows,he seemed sad. But no one cried in final part today.

[NEWS] Infinite to release 2nd Japanese single in April + Korean comeback

  In an interview with Woollim Entertainment’s CEO Lee Jungyeop, it was revealed that after Infinite’s solo concerts in Korea, the group isn’t only preparing for their Korean comeback, but for a new Japanese release as well.

The new Japanese single is set for a release in April, while the group is expected to make their Korean comeback just before, or just after that, meaning that a decision between March or May has yet to be made.

Though not yet confirmed by Woollim or the group’s Japanese label, it is said that Infinite will release “Be Mine” as a second Japanese single on April 18th.

Infinite is currently preparing for their two Japanese concerts in the “Second Invasion” series, after having completed two concerts in Korea earlier this week. The Japanese concerts will take place on February 25th and 26th at the Tokyo International Forum.

Source: 10asia ; Koreaboo (Take Out With Full Credits)

(Sing Cover) It’s War – MBLAQ

Covered by me (@aprilprili) ^^

hope you like it~~

(Sing Cover) Crazy – Teen Top

Covered by me (@aprilprili) ^^

hope you like it~

[TRANS] L’s character description from ‘Shut Up! Flower Boy Band’


Lee Hyunsoo / L

Male, 18 years old, Guitarist of Purifying Eyes (Angoo Junghwa)

“The terminator of chicness. They say he’s a multiplayer that’s loaded with skills on the guitar, singing, and dancing. But he’s a total ice prince… They say there was a kid who froze to death trying to talk to him…”

In charge of chicness for Purifying Eyes. If you anticipated a sweet personality just by looking at his good looks, you’ll be sorry.

Hyunsoo, who’s already famous in Gaechi-dong as the ‘Ice Prince’! Although there are times where the ice prince, Hyunsoo, shows lovely flower smiles, it’s only when he’s together with his sister, who was born in his parents’ later years.

As Byunghee enters, he feels like his childhood best friend, Jihyuk, has been taken away from him. Although everyone in the band, ‘Purifying Eyes’, is close like a family, he can’t do anything about the sad feeling that comes when even the music talks with Jihyuk are taken away by Byunghee.

Since he received the blood of his parents who are actors on evening stages, he’s perfect at singing and the guitar, but he’s currently being overshadowed by Jihyuk and Byunghee. However, Hyunsoo holds the ambition of surpassing the number one spot in the band and receiving the best honor through music.

So while his parents are gone tonight, he tucks his younger sister to bed and continues to practice and practice to the point where blisters form.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; here ; take out with full credits.

INFINITE 2nd Invasion in Japan limited goods

Japanese INFINITE official fansite sells online INFINITE’s goods only for regular&free members.

You can apply online shopping as long as you’re able to receive those goods in Japan,because Jp fanclub delivers those goods only for national address. No international shipping is available. You can check “SHOP” in fansite. Application is possible since 13th Jan 15:00 – 6th Feb 15:00(JST). If you succeed in reservation,you will receive those goods around 20th Feb. Jp fanclub doesn’t mention if they will sell these goods at concert place or not.

Leaping Over tour original lightstick 2,100/JPY 26.25/US$

*You can set your favorite color on,choose out of 7 colors. Colors change like this way,Blue-Green-Red-Light blue-Pink-Yellow-White-Flashing in all colors.

Leaping Over tour original towel set 2,100/JPY 26.25/US$

*2towels set – One is printed members,another one is printed event logo.

Leaping Over tour original clear files set 1,500/JPY 13.13/US$

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source: sunnytrain @ tumblr.