[FANACCOUT] 120304 INFINITE 2012 World Music Festival in Okinawa


INFINITE joined special concert event in Okinawa,which was hold as dream collaboration of popular drama OST concert and K-POP. 16,000 visitors were enjoyed beautiful sounds of orchestra and excited for pop music. OST concert was played by Oh Joonsung who is popular song writer for lots of drama soundtracks. Park Sihoo appeared in video message to him,since Park Sihoo was main actor of “Princess Prosecutor” that Mr.Oh’s songs used as OST.  Park Sihoo even introduced Mr.Oh’s history since his debut to current works.

[[MORE]]<Floor plan and postscript>

18:00 Part 1/ Oh Joonsung’s OST songs collection concert 

Played by Ryuukyuu Koukyou Gakudan (Okinawan orchestra band),Sanshin(traditional Okinawan guitar) and Green Cacao(Oh Joonsung’s back support band)

J-Symphony sang “Suddenly,Lonely Day” from “City Hunter”.

Monday Kiz joined in some songs and they promoted they’re going to start music activity in Japan soon.

Oh Joonsung sang “Because I’m stupid” from “Boys Over Flowers” by himself.

19:45 Part 2/ K-POP concert 

Basically all groups sang 3songs for each. But 2PM was main act,so they added 1more song as encore.


1,To Me / 2,A / 3,Gonna Gonna Go (release expecting Jp limited single)


1,Heart for 2 / 2,All Day Long / 3,Mazeltov

Siwan and Hyungsik were absent for drama shooting. Dongjun apologized to fans.


1,Starlight Moonlight / 2,Shy Boy / 3,Love is Move


1,BTD(Korean original ver.) / 2,Paradise / 3,Be Mine

Before they appeared,message video was run on huge screen in front. I was shocked they were so exhausted and just did comment “Please love Infinite”. Compared to other groups,this was too simple. (Others did Okinawan dialect greetings in the message video.)

I’m really happy to listen to their original version of “BTD”!! Because they never performed it since they released “BTD Jp ver”. Actually I prefer original ver’s lyrics sounds. When they showed scorpion dance,it was like earthquake occurred in concert place with audience’s screaming and applause.

Their performance was really good,especially Dongwoo’s hip thrusting in “Paradise”. Their moving was so quick&vivid,they looked different from airport photos…

Before “Be Mine” starts,they introduced themselves in Japanese. Sungyeol was starter,but he was breathing hard with much sweat. All boys were less smiling,looked tired. I wanted staffs to give a short break before their self introduction,because their performance is killing hard work.

Sungyeol: Bokuha mou itazurakkono Sungyeol ja arimasen. Chanto sekinin wo toreru otonani narimashita. (I’m no longer playful kid Sungyeol. I became a man who can take responsibility.)

Woohyun: Bokutachino kanojoni natte kudasai! (Be our girlfriend!)

Hoya: Infinite no dance machine Hoya desu. (I’m Hoya,dance machine of Infinite.)

Dongwoo: Memotoga miryokutekina Dongwoo desu. (I’m Dongwoo with charming eyes.)

Myungsoo: Minnnano eienno boyfriend L desu. (I’m L,your eternal boyfriend.)

Sungkyu: Konnnichiwa Sungkyu desu. Oaidekite Ureshii desu. (Hello everyone,I’m Sungkyu. Nice to meet you.)

Sungjong did just simple greeting I thought…

Miss Okinawa girl asked boys,”Is this your first time to visit Okinawa?” and Woohyun answered in Korean. Chairman translated as “Yes. We’re happy to come here and see people here.” but I heard Woohyun said something more…although I couldn’t understand details.

Chairman: You decided to release new Jp limited single “Be Mine”.

Sungkyu: Yes,we’re back in Japan to promote single. Please expect our new single!

Talking time was too short and boys couldn’t speak a lot.

In “Be Mine” final main part,Hoya shouted “Make noise!!” as usual. They performed with no fear to very new stage. Woohyun’s solo part was so great,but his face was pale. Woohyun tried to go backstage as soon as performance finished. He should feel something bad or tired…


1,STEP / 2,Mr.(Korean original ver.) / 3, (I’m not sure this song title…sorry. But beautiful ballad song)

Nicole had injured on her left leg at solo concert,so she appeared with crutch. Nicole sat and sang all the way. Her eyes looked sad but she tried to make smiles.

Gyuri was absent because of surgery on throat. She couldn’t put out sound at all but she wrote a letter for visitors at this concert. The video was run on the huge screen. Gyuri gave message as apology.


1,Heart Beat / 2,I’ll Be Back / 3,I’m Your Man (Japanese ver.) / Encore,Hands Up

Finale/ All performers sang “Paradise” from “Boys Over Flowers”

Woohyun appeared in no sleeve vest. He changed costume because it was too hot. He did shuffle dancing and cute dancing while song runs. There was no mic for Infinite boys,so they were talking each other like “Where’s our mic?” So J-Symphony put mic in front of Dongwoo,he could sang finale song with mic. Anyway others continued singing without mic… Boys seemed relaxed after all performance.

Since I sat on 7th row,it was very close to stage…at the finale,I showed my board with Woohyun’s name on it. He threw heart to me!

I also held other board,Hoya smiled at my message “My friends are waiting for you all over Asia”.

Sungkyu,Sungyeol smiled and waved hand to me when they found my board “Infinite I love you”!

I guess they easily found my board just because I was surrounded by lots of 2PM fans. Although Infinite boys must be so tired,they showed smiles and waved hand to Inspirits as usual.

When the song is over,Infinite boys were looking at chairman,like “Are we gonna hold hands and bow to audience…?” But concert ended without such bowing by all performers. However,2PM did it by themselves while Infinite boys were looking at that,and they’re just leaving from stage… Infinite boys seemed they wanted to show that to fans. When leaving,Nichkhun shook hands with Hoya and they bumped chest each other. I think they praised best performance together.


There was lightstick as official goods,but I couldn’t buy it because time ran out when I got aware of it. I heard official goods were sold out even though many people didn’t manage to buy. I got only towel added with ticket.


There was no gift box for artists this time…but my friend&I asked staff to pass our gift to our bias groups. She gave foods for 2PM. Mine was for Infinite – Okinawan noodles,candies(good for throat),Okinawan brown sugar snacks and Okinawan sugar&salt cookies. Staff kindly accepted our order and gave us small papers,to write whom to pass. I wrote letter to Infinite in Korean. “I’m happy you’re back to Japan. Fighting! Please hold Asia tour!” Just simple words…I hope they will read it,because there’s less gifts for them this time…

Concert photographs were taken from News Walker. All the rights were reserved by them.


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