INFINITE 2nd Invasion in Japan limited goods

Japanese INFINITE official fansite sells online INFINITE’s goods only for regular&free members.

You can apply online shopping as long as you’re able to receive those goods in Japan,because Jp fanclub delivers those goods only for national address. No international shipping is available. You can check “SHOP” in fansite. Application is possible since 13th Jan 15:00 – 6th Feb 15:00(JST). If you succeed in reservation,you will receive those goods around 20th Feb. Jp fanclub doesn’t mention if they will sell these goods at concert place or not.

Leaping Over tour original lightstick 2,100/JPY 26.25/US$

*You can set your favorite color on,choose out of 7 colors. Colors change like this way,Blue-Green-Red-Light blue-Pink-Yellow-White-Flashing in all colors.

Leaping Over tour original towel set 2,100/JPY 26.25/US$

*2towels set – One is printed members,another one is printed event logo.

Leaping Over tour original clear files set 1,500/JPY 13.13/US$

*2 different sized clear file sets. A4 sized files for 2 and A6 sized file.



source: sunnytrain @ tumblr.


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