[INFO] 111205 – notice towards foreign fans for ‘Second Invasion’ concert tickets



This is INFINITE’s fanclub manager.

To the 1st batch of official Inspirits who paid to join the fanclub. We will inform foreign fans on how to go through the identification process in order to reserve concert tickets. This is only a notice towards foreign fans who signed up for the paid 1st batch of Inspirits. (This is only allowed for foreign fans who signed up for the Korean fanclub, and does not work for the official Japanese paid fanclub.)

First, log into Interpark and check if you can do the fanclub identification. To foreign Inspirits who cannot identify themselves, please call the number below.

After we check the information given when you signed up for the fanclub (passport number), we will help you through the identification process.

(Question time: 11 AM – 5 PM / Question number: T.02-335-4611)

To foreign fans who have not signed up to the paid fanclub, you will be able to reserve tickets on December 14th (W) @ 8 PM through Interpark’s ‘English Booking’ page.

[English Booking]


Without signing up, foreign fans can buy tickets from Interpark through the ‘English Booking’ page by giving brief information (email, contact number). The menu is on the page where the ticket opens.

– INTERPARK TICKET Customer Center number: 1544-1555

Thank you.


trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; infinite’s official fancafe | take out with full credits


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