Korean male idol group Infinite has held a mini live & high touch conference in commemoration of the release of their Japanese debut single “BTD” on November 18th. Prior to the event, a media conference that hosted 70 media companies with 200 personnel was held.

The members, all dressed up in white outfits identical to the `BTD` jacket photo, all introduced themselves in Japan. Upon being asked by his feelings about debuting in Japan, leader Sunggyu boldly replied, “We have waited anxiously for the moment that we debuted in Japan. We’re extremely happy and excited. Please anticipate our powerful performance as well.”

Infinite has blown a new storm up in the world of K-Pop, having debuted in June 2010 and brandishing an arsenal of music that has overstepped the boundaries of idol music and their dance which was titled, “Synchronization 99.9%” as their weapons. In “BTD”, the point of the choreography is the ‘scorpion dance’ which looks like a scorpion threatening its opponent with its spiked tail being played backwards, first showcased in January in Korea. Member Sungyeol said, “We flaunt our choreography that has the factor of ’99.9% synchronization’, but what makes that possible is teamwork.” Woohyun also explained its appeal hotly with “Our group is also known in Korea as the ‘training bugs’ (T/N: People that train a lot to achieve their goal). We have solidified our teamwork by practicing 18 hours a day. The result of this training was the scorpion dance. The way to complete the ‘scorpion dance’ is by methodical training.”

When being asked what their dreams were in regards to their Japanese activities, Sunggyu said, “I want to put in a lot of effort and meet fans in the Tokyo Dome,” Dongwoo continued with, “Then, my goal is to have a dome tour (laughs),” Woohyun added, “We’ll try until our bodies turn into dust,” Hoya hardened his resolve with, “I want to keep trying until people recognize me when I’m walking in the streets like, ‘Hey, it’s Infinite!’”, L replied, “I hope that people will be able to see our dance at the Kohaku Uta Gassen,” and finally, Sungjong with, “We’ll present good music so that people can gain strength when listening to it.”

After the conference, the mini live & high touch event were progressed, Infinite performed their Japanese debut single “BTD’ in front of approximately 10 000 people that had gathered, and performed 2 more songs than were scheduled, in total 5 songs, in front of the crowd such as their song ‘Be Mine’ that had won first place at a Korean music program. “BTD” has gone with a positive start in Japan by scoring second place on the Oricon Daily Single Charts.

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