INFINITE Dongwoo interview on Hanryu Pia 30th November issue – published in Japan,23rd October

Relay Interview Vol.5 Woohyun takes part of interviewer with Dongwoo.

Interview continues from magnae to the leader. There would happen to explode their personalities only in talking between two of them.


Woohyun: Finally I’m becoming MC. This time we present interview from Tokyo again. The guest is…

Dongwoo: This is rapper of INFINITE,Dongwoo! 

Woohyun: Last time we visited Japan for purpose on holding showcase,this time we came here for our 1st concert “Leaping Over”~. By the way,just before visiting Japan,our INFINITE’s “Be Mine” got 1st place in music TV show~! Dongwoo,how did you feel?

Dongwoo: It’s been only 1st anniversary since our debut,we have only 1 album yet…but we won 1st place! I can’t believe this yet! When MC called our name INFINITE,I was spaced out for about 3 seconds. But then I got realized little by little,I cried hard holding other members tight. Those dropped tears of mine weren’t for sadness,but for infinite happiness. Woohyun cried hard too,right?

Woohyun: In fact,when we made our debut,I decided “I will never cry on stage before we got 1st place in music TV show”. But I couldn’t stand for keeping cool and cried while our first fanmeeting. (LOL) And this time I shed too much tears. I’m easily moved to tears. I’m the man sentimental for impression. (LOL) But Sunggyu hyung(*brother) never cried,you know. Because leader had to mention about our feeling on behalf of us. Though I saw tears in his eyes. (LOL)

Dongwoo: He’s really good leader!

Woohyun: Then,in our first concert “Leaping Over” this time,we didn’t show only group singing or dancing,but we had short performance played by each of ourselves. You see,Dongwoo&Hoya performed dance break show. That was one of awesome highlight.

Dongwoo: When we dance by all 7 of us,there’re so many things I can’t do it as I like. Our action is limited,we must adjust our choreography perfectly. So I feel little bit it tastes something missing. Dancing with Hoya makes me feel excited,definitely different from group dancing. I can do free style dancing,and I can freely show what I would like to express to fans. Moreover,I feel as I can discover another unknown side of myself. 

Woohyun: Well,in my opinion,most noticeable highlight of the concert was my solo song “Time”!

Dongwoo: Uh-huh. (LOL) Hey,to speak of our concert,Woohyun’s fan service action is becoming popular now. You have 3 kinds of actions,right? What’s it look like?

Woohyun: May I hand out my textbook about fan service to you and other members? The key to success is to share “Heart” with all fans. While we share the same feeling,we bring up our love. (LOL) You know all the fans are my girlfriends.

Dongwoo: Wow~,you have so many girlfriends! All over Asia! (LOL)

Woohyun: Speaking of girlfriend,if you were girl,then who do you want to go with among INFINITE members?

Dongwoo: I wanna say “Nobody”. (LOL)

Woohyun: Though I chose Sunggyu hyung,I was fed up with his scolding on me….

Dongwoo: Ah! I decided. I choose L. He’s never bothering me. (LOL)  

Woohyun: Oh hey,in first episode of this interview,L told something for me to ask Dongwoo. “Why does Dongwoo put so many stuffed toys on small bed?”

Dongwoo: Ahh~. L always claims “Cramped!” But our CEO took out 20 out of my 22 stuffed toys. Then he put them in his house,car…(LOL) I just want to keep all gifts by my side. Anyway I was lack of concerning for room mate…. L,I’m sorry.

Woohyun: By the way,your room mate L is worst untidy sleeper. Have you never been suffered by him sleeping in same bed?

Dongwoo: Yep~. Once I woke up since I was punched. I usually never be awake once I fall asleep,but that made my eyes opened. (LOL)

Woohyun: Dongwoo is very patient? If I compare you,you’re “genius”.  Genius who pretends as fool. Genius with full of cunning. Your cunning IQ rate is about 800,right? (LOL)

Dongwoo: You’re appreciating me? Or you’re speaking ill of me? Woohyun is mood maker. He’s important existence that we should never lose. I think everyone knows,he makes good atmosphere since he stands in middle of people. 

Woohyun: Hehehe. I’m glad you understand me. Now,let me hear the last question. What is INFINITE for Dongwoo? L = “family”,Sungyeol = “air”,Hoya = “ramen”,and I answered “lemon”.

Dongwoo: Lemon? Why? 

Woohyun: It’s fresh (*heart shape*)

Dongwoo: “Inspirit”. (immediate answer) Just like infinite symbol “∞”,if INFINITE stay left side,then Inspirit stay right side. We always step forward together. We never get taken apart! 


Additional content- Hoya’s best entertainment is “Kid’s song contest when I was 7 year-old.”

This kid’s song contest was very first time in my whole life to appear on stage. To show people,I practiced singing and piano for the first time. But I don’t remember clearly that moment. Anyway this must affect on me. Then I had willing to be musical performer,and I came to like standing on stage. So this is my best entertainment.


cr – trans : Rin ; sunnytrain @ tumblr


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