[interview] Infinite cool magazine 9th issue

trans. cr; hyerin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits


INFINITE: Communicating with you & I
Watching the official fanclub inauguration ceremony
Starting from an unknown time, Infinite started to use songs like ‘Can U Smile’, ‘Julia’, ‘Because’, ‘Be Mine’ to communicate with the fans… Slowly verifying each other’s hearts, the members started to meet up with the fans more and what else could Inspirits think about? The first fanmeeting of a lifetime is an exclusive happy hour between the fans and the idols. During this time, everything else has been thrown to the back of their minds, only enjoying this refreshing, huge-sized date. This amount of time together that doesn’t seem too long, no one expected it to be so unforgettable.
Event: Infinite’s Official Fanclub ‘Inspirit’ Inauguration Ceremony / Location: Seoul Children’s Grand Park Dome Art Hall
Time: 2011.08.17 / Keyword: First meeting, exposure of songs, unforgettable memories

Nervous at the first meeting
After seeing the debut showcase, Infinite meets yet another important day. The inauguration ceremony that started at 7, the members woke up in the early morning, and after their makeup had been prepared, they started to rehearse for the event at 3. This day also has an important meaning to the fans. During the sale of the official tickets, 2000 tickets were sold out in just a single minute. The official performance has yet to start, but outside the event area, many fans were already waiting.

At 7 in complete darkness, the event hall started to light up with the lighsticks that the fans were holding; it’s a warm color that is between pink and purple. The opening clip of the event was special, the members made use of their voices and images to tell everyone about what they should look out for and safety procedures. On the last screen, the line of huge words made everyone laugh: “For Sungyeol, whose birthday is approaching soon, we’ll be having a surprise birthday for him. At that time, everyone please sing the birthday song. However, for now, everyone please keep it a secret and don’t send anymore tweets! Please.” Then, a video montage of Infinite from debut until now played on the big screen. As a fan who has been protecting them from the start, everyone who was watching it was touched and wanted to quickly see the members’ feelings hit the high point.

As the lights start to dim, the seven members rose from the second level. Together with the intro music, they slowly walked onto the main stage. Their charismatic performance of their debut song ‘Come Back Again’ caused everyone to erupt into messy screams and the red clothes that the members were wearing also helped raise the atmosphere of the main stage along with the general trend of style. Saying ‘Come Back Again’ in a non-exaggerated manner, is the love letter that the members have given to Inspirits. And the audience was completely under Infinite’s control with the next stage, ‘BTD’. At first, the chaotic and incoherent fanchants were clear and powerful, but it didn’t sound too good, as it was at the “I’m just like a beggar” part, when everyone shouted together. It sounded like they were scolding someone, but everyone seemed to love how there was a common “against the common enemy” feeling, so it was good. After the two songs ended, the seven members started to drink water and greet the audience.

Sunggyu: Actually, today, we were thinking: “what if no one comes”, and we were really worried but now that we’ve seen so many people here with us, we’re really thankful. I have something to say, from yesterday until this morning, Woohyun has been having a fever and now, his temperature is about 40 degrees now but for the sake of meeting Inspirit, he said he’s okay. (The members start to walk up to Woohyun and feel him.)
Woohyun: After seeing everyone, I feel much better.
All: Ah~~~~ Of course
Following, is Park Kyunglim, which every idol thinks of as a “mother”, amongst the cheers of the crowd, and once again, she took up the responsibility of the MC and came right after her first comment.
Park Kyunglim: Actually, I’ve been watching over these kids since their debut and I’m good friends with their CEO, hence, I became the MC this time. Aren’t you guys, ‘Infinite-dols’? I wonder if the kids are satisfied with how I’m doing so far.
Sunggyu: Of course, of course! We’re really grateful!
Park Kyunglim: With this blazing popularity, when you’re having your next fanmeeting, you better come look for me. At most, I’d look for Park Suhong to MC together with me, he’s also your fan. Today, let us have a good time together! First, let’s have the members introduce themselves.
Sunggyu: Hello everyone, I’m Infinite’s ‘military discipline’ leader, three-seconds sexy charisma, leader Sunggyu! (After finishing his introduction, he turned around, embarrassed.)
Dongwoo: Hello, everyone! I’m Dongwoo, who is in charge of the sexy lips in Infinite. (This man also got embarrassed.)
L: Hello everyone, I’m INFINITE’s presence, and at the same time, I’m L who leaves behind a favorable impression on stage.
Park Kyunglim: (After looking around) Why is it only L and Dongwoo who are sweating so much? (Looking at their sweat) I almost thought I was Jeong Youngjin! (T/N: As the name is in Chinese, I’m not too sure if it’s the correct name but it’s the closest I got!) Why is it that you’re sweating so much even though you all are dancing the same dance?
L: Because I’m going to go crazy due to the nervousness……

Park Kyunglim: Is it because you’re working harder at dancing than the other members?
L: I think it’s like that!
Hoya: I’m the new generation, 2011’s ‘Sexy Icon’ Hoya. Come on, I say “Ho”, you say “Ya”! Ho- (YA!) Ho- (YA!)
Woohyun: (Feeling even more pressurized due to Hoya’s explosive popularity) Hello everyone, I’m Infinite’s chocolate factory, Woohyun! (As he rubbed his clothes gently, everyone who was below the stage started to get nosebleeds)
Park Kyunglim: (So that the fans can see something good) Can’t we see it one more them?
Woohyun: Because they’ve all melted, you can’t see them anymore
Park Kyunglim: Then, you can steal them all for yourself to eat! Later, you still have to dance! (For everyone to see)
Sungjong: I have a lot of pressure! I’m INFINITE’s maknae and at the same time, a man—Sungjong!
Sungyeol: Hello everyone! I’m Sungyeol who is in charge of the abs (rubbing his stomach without any confidence because he he said he hadn’t been working out), fats and height in Infinite! (Sungjong is rubbing at Sungyeol’s long legs from the side.)
Park Kyunglim: Fans, you won’t be able to see such a low-quality performance in the future. (At this time, the fans are shouting “Show it off! Show it off!” to Woohyun.) Want me to help? (Woohyun hurriedly rubs again.) Everyone didn’t see it clearly, right? Then, while you’re dancing, you’re going to do a mission! (Tugging at his clothes) 3 seconds!
Woohyun: 3 seconds? Okay, I got it.

The new meaning of pulling others’ down: Selling cuteness + Members’ love
Park Kyunglim: Now, we’ll start a segment that you can’t see in other fanmeetings! The members will talk a lot about their personal lives, the information that they planned to bring to their coffin will be revealed today. Okay! “Secrets that only we know” segment will officially begin! Now, can we have 6 members sit behind this screen? (You can see their silhouettes), then, who shall we start from?
All: Leader! Leader! Leader!
Park Kyunglim: (Once the members are behind the screen, they become like animals.) Later, you won’t be able to tell apart which member had exposed the secrets, right? To protect the person who reveals the secret, the staff will give you a special microphone. (The members receive the “special” microphone and start to test the microphones which change their voices: Ah! Ah! Hello!)
Sunggyu: (Seeing through on the spot) Is it Woohyun? (Everyone laughs.)
All: (All sorts of weird sounds & aegyo resounds, causing the fans to scream) Ah! Ah! I’m not Sungjong…
Sunggyu: You really can’t tell them apart at all! (Act!)
Park Kyunglim: The members will increase the specialness of the microphone. Can we start now? How long have the members been together?
Sunggyu: It’s been over two years.
Park Kyunglim: Then everyone should know each other really now. Now, I’ll read out a sentence about Sunggyu and then the members will raise either an “O” or “X” placard.
Sunggyu: You’re not satisfied by how Leader Gyu works but there are points where he is reliable. (All members raises “O”.)
Park Kyunglim: It looks like the members are not satisfied with Leader, have there been members who have been beaten by him? (Sungjong and everyone else giggles.)
Sunggyu: Actually, those actions of love, I want to make them become better, and we have never arrived at the stage that we needed to use our fists, only little quarrels. (All the members raise the approval placard from behind the screen, the fans shout: Ah~)
Park Kyunglim: Looks like someone is wants to express his opinion. We’ll have this person illustrate to us the moment.
Someone: When we were eating at home, he suddenly used his fist and hit my head  %&*# (He breaks into laughter and the fans laugh as well)
Park Kyunglim: Do you still remember what you were eating then?
L: (Using a sissy tone that is of a low quality) Kimchi soup! (Everyone explodes into laughter)
Park Kyunglim: The ones behind the screen, what else is there that you’re not satisfied with Leader?
All: Making use of his age! (T/N: It’s a chinese phrase that means that he’s making use of his seniority to be a tyrant.) Because he is old, there are many things he doesn’t do.
Park Kyunglim: Kids! Say everything that you’re unsatisfied with today, okay? (Yes—) Then, after you return back home, to the waiting room, it’s your own problem!
Woohyun: (Reaction is quick) Sunggyu-hyung! I love you!
Dongwoo: (Changed after Sunggyu) The cheerful and innocent side of Dongwoo that the fans know is all just a concept. (All members raise “O”.)
Hoya: Every time there’s going to be an interviews, his answers are all scripted out because he wants to show a mature and charismatic image.
Sunggyu: (There isn’t the atmosphere of a ‘big brother’ and it was silent) There was once when Dongwoo was late for a schedule and when he arrived, he looked at the manager with an innocent expression and the manager forgave him, he’s really not innocent.
Woohyun: (Comes on stage) For the sake of fanservice, Woohyun secretly practices by himself. (Majority raises “O”.)
Sungyeol: When Woohyun does aegyo in the dormitory, it makes us feel like vomiting. (Under the MC’s persuasion, Woohyun, once again, does his signature aegyo.)
Park Kyunglim: Recently, has he been practicing new fanservice?
Woohyun: Yes! 3 set heart! (After doing it 1, 2, 3, everyone melted. This movement can rival BEAST’s pose, who appeared in the previous issue.)
Hoya: (In the middle of the chaos, it’s finally Hoya) Off stage, Hoya is still very charismatic. (Some members don’t agree.)
Sunggyu: Usually, what Hoya says the most is: “Can I eat this?” (Imitating how Hoya says it) and he’d ask: “Am I using satoori?” (T/N: satoori = dialect.) (Laughs)
Hoya: Now, I no longer use satoori, but I speak properly now…… (T/N: It means that he speaks ‘Seoul’ Korean, without the satoori.) And to be honest, I’ve never acted very manly……
All: Ah~~~~~~ (Acting coyly)
L: L is very confident in his looks. (All members raise “O”.)

Sunggyu: When we were trainees, when L was still Myungsoo, when he was taking the public bus, everyone on the bus complimented that he was really good looking and even followed him, he told me that he was tired of being noticed too much.
L: It wasn’t to the extent that I was tired.
Sunggyu: (Interrupting him) I’m jealous of you to death! Rascal!
Sungjong: I want to expose! L-hyung (After exposing himself, he quickly changes words) (T/N: There’s only one member in Infinite who would call L, the second youngest with a –hyung and hence, Sungjong revealed himself by accident.) L will look at his own photograph and say, “Ah! I really look good!” (L strongly denies.)
Sunggyu: Also, also, when we went to Japan, L told me that he has to speak less because he looks good and there’d naturally be cameras on him and he’d give the chance of talking to the other members.
Sungjong: (Changing after L) Even though he’s the maknae, there are times when he causes people to be afraid! (All members raise “O”.)
Sungyeol: The expression that Sungjong gives off when he’s doing sexy dances is scary.
Woohyun: When you’re asking him questions when he’s sleeping, he answers, it’s scary.
Sunggyu: When he’s scolding me!!
Park Kyunglim: Next is Sungyeol, Sungyeol please come out, start—
Everyone in the event hall: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Our dear, Sungyeollie! Happy birthday to you! (Sungyeol was touched to the extent that he teared up.) Don’t cry! Don’t cry!
Sungyeol: I didn’t expect this! This birthday has been too meaningful, thank you everyone!
Sunggyu: Happy Birthday! Live long! Rascal!
Sungyeol: (A proper reply after thanking his parents & fans) Sungyeol thinks that his acting is the best among the members! (All members raise “O”.)
Park Kyunglim: Honestly, what do you think of your acting skills?
Sungyeol: I approve! I think I’m a lot better than Myungsoo!
Park Kyunglim: Hasn’t L appeared in a Japanese drama?
Sungyeol: Yes, he went through the interview successfully, but he doesn’t have any lines, only his blonde dyed hair is very eye-catching……

The infinite reasons for liking them
After the segment that lasted for several minutes, it was time for them to return on stage once again. The moment the music of came on, the members immediately got their feelings together and brought a handsome performance that cannot be compared. The previous image of them moving slowly in black to the music, suddenly, they became one and in that neat moment, we were all deeply mesmerized, and at the same time, overcome by their charisma. The performances that everyone anticipated most immediately began, the solo songs that were included in their first official album received good praises, and the fans who attended the fanmeeting had the luck of being able to see them perform it. First, Dongwoo and Hoya, who formed INFINITE-H, sang a song called , the rapper line’s performance made everyone feel refreshed, and when the female voice in the backtrack sounded, Hoya used a professional pose to sing along. Rap and vocal were talents that he wanted to show off whole-heartedly (Laugh).

When Sunggyu came on stage, he changed into a simple, youthful t-shirt, his solo song, is a song filled with heavy pop elements, causing Sunggyu’s gentle voice to appear to be extremely wonderful. Even though being a part of INFINITE is something that Sunggyu is proud of, the moment after debut that was found to be the most enjoyable, a stage controlled by only himself, he performed the entire song grandly and everyone’s eyes were on him. From the start, Sunggyu was singing to the standing microphone, when he removed the microphone from the stand on the second verse, interacting with the fans just like a real solo singer, the fans reaction was huge and warm, we’re sure that the little leader had a good time singing it that day (Laugh)!

It’s easy to differentiate who is able to sing well in Infinite and who isn’t, because the members who can’t sing well don’t have songs to sing, Sungjong, Sungyeol and L changed their styles and the three of them performed Orange Caramel’s (Maybe it’s Sungjong, who adores girl group, his suggestion. P.s. In this dance, there are many waves and self-touching parts.) From what we could see, the members chose their roles through their heights: Sungjong performed Raina’s parts, his parts were the most and he acted out the sexiness that Raina could never showcase and in the middle, where there was only background music, he added an extra ‘umph!’, kneeling and performing a very fierce dance, the audience naturally became crazy. Sungyeol played Nana’s role, born as someone who likes to play jokes, he looked like he was having a lot of fun compared to L, who was playing as Lizzy, he had a shy look and had an expression that he’d cry once he was off stage. The main point is that even though his facial expressions showed that he wasn’t willing to do so, his twists were of top-notch quality. (“Manly L’”s other side!) Woohyun’s was the climax of the solo performances, as the main vocalist of the group, his voice is really Infinite’s ace card and at the end, the entire crowd sang together, this ballad that brings tears also warned us of the forecoming goodbye.

Expressions of the words from the heart: I love you
The following performances could be considered the encore, the fans also offered their support at the last moment with all their might, & , with its’ light hearted and youthful rhythm, it made everyone be filled with energy, and the members didn’t care about the knife-sharp dance, they sent winks, hearts, flying kisses, sensual expressions to all directions of the crowd and this made it unforgettable. Each and every confession that was inserted in between the songs made the fans touched, the shouts and shouts of support was prevalent. Next, on the big screen, it showed a clip of the members’ messages to the fans before the fanmeeting – Congratulations, “I love you”, these deep words that undeniably cause tears, after the clip ended, the audience couldn’t help but start to cry.

, which was released at the end of 2010 started to play, and the members came onto the stage once again and with vocals that were thick with emoticons, it’s the best catalyst, the fans shouted the members’ name and at that moment, it felt like as if even the atmosphere was sweet, the people on stage, the people off the stage – they seemed to verify each others’ feelings, is there a moment that could be sweeter than this? After a simple greeting, the music of one of the tracks in the first official album, started to play, Inspirit started to scream and when it was really the end, the members left the stage unwillingly, saying thanks, goodbye to the fans……


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