[FANACCOUNT] Infinite’s 1st live in yokohama

credit: mushtaem- @ :

This. THIS. This is the best live i have ever been. I didn’t cried so much when i go to live, concerts or showcase but infinite’s live made me cry so much. I cried for about 40% of the concert. I don’t even know why. Tears just started falling. Now i realize that i really really REALLY do love infinite so much.This might be out of place but when i went to shinee’s premium reception, when they sang Replay abbey roads version, that time i cried. When they appeared i was extremely happy but i didn’t cry. *.* But this time, when infinite appeared, i cried so much i can’t even control myself.

Gonna write everything i remember here.:3

I arrived at yokohama blitz at 1pm (3 hours advance), and there were so many people that was already there. I lined for the goods for about 30 mins, and at last i was able to buy some goods.I bought the towel set, lightstick, clear book and clear file set.

Towels~ the towel above is like, made of soft cloth while the 2nd one with their faces is made of silky cloth.*w*

Lightstick! you can choose within 7 colors, and the last color is just like their lightstick in their japan showcase last 2 months (flashing all colors at the time.)

Clearbook. front and back view. and there’s a free LEAPING OVER sticker with it! i would never ever use this.

And finally, the clear file set!! there’s 3 clear files in it with different sizes.:D

The goods that i didn’t bought is the t-shirt and badge. I planned to buy the badge but i don’t have any money left so i gave up..;___; and for the t-shirt, it’s too expensive for me so i didn’t even had a thought to buy it.

So after i bought the goodies, i met the friend that i met when i went to Block B’s showcase last monday! and she showed me her tickets. She had a ticket for day 1 and day 2. yea, she already went to their live yesterday and she’s going again today. T_T i jelly her so much!

Day 1 ticket

Day 2 ticket

I wasn’t get a a fanclub ticket, it was like a lottery so i had no luck. i only have a ticket from normal ticketing sites. a plain ticket.*.*

After that, i met with the person that has my ticket. i wasn’t able to get a ticket from the fanclub and normal ticketing sites. i already had no chance to get a ticket. But one of the JP inspirit on twitter said that she had 1 extra ticket so she sold it to me! i’m really lucky, since everyone was looking for ticket. There was also an inspirit there that had a board asking “if someone has an extra ticket,please sell it to me.;_;” ……seems like infinite is really really famous now in japan.

4:00pm, we started to enter the live house. Even if we were almost the last one to enter the live house (there’s a number written in our ticket and they will call out our number if it’s our turn to enter. our number was around 1300 so it means 1300 inspirits already entered the live house.) we were able to stand near the stage. LIKE REALLY NEAR. it’s because when you enter, you can stand wherever you can just go in the front and just like, say MOVE BITCH. LOL just kidding.^^;; I was this near from the stage. (it’s not allowed to take pictures but i wanted to take even just 1 pic so i turned into a sneaky ninja and took a pic LMAO.)

i was really near from the stage i felt like dying. i thought i will be at the back but i was able to stand near the stage.

So it started with the infinite members’ caution video. their japanese is so cute especially hoya. ;w; his japanese is like….weird but cute. I can totally feel that woohyun was trying to act cute when i heard his japanese LMAO. They said “Please don’t take pictures.”, “turn your mobile off or set it in manner mode.”, i forgot what the other members said but lastly, “Do you understand? now let’s start and enjoy the show!” and their intro song in their first evolution album started playing and they appeared!!!*w*

this are the songs that they sang in order! i think i might have missed something though…

1. First evolution intro

2. Dashi Dorawa

3. Hysterie

~self introduction~

4. Can U Smile (Brodcast Ver.)

5. Fixed Star

~talking and questions time! (NAMU WAS THE MC LMAO.)~

6. Wings

7. BTD

8. Be mine

~special video of infinite since their “you’re my oppa” days until their OTT album release.~

9. Sunggyu solo, Because

10. Woohyun solo, Time T_T

11. Sungjong, Myungsoo and Sungyeol performance, Bangkok City

12. Hoya and Dongwoo Dance perf.

13. Hoya and Dongwoo, Crying (hoya sang the girl’s part)

~waited for about 3~5 minutes~

14. Amazing

~talking time~

15. Tic toc

~another talking time~

16. She’s Back

17. lightning sofa Nothing’s over

18. 맡겨


19. Julia

20. Voice of my heart ;____;

During self-introduction, the infinite couples always had a moment. >w< woogyu, yadong and myungyeol. poos sungjong always left in the middle, alone. *.* after they introduced theirselves,

Dongwoo: 1st floor!!! SORI JILLEO!! *kyaaaaa~* 2nd floor!! SORI JILLEO!!! *kyaaaaaaaa~ EVERYONE! SORIIIII JILLEOOOOO~!!!! *KYAAAAAAAGJSLADGJLSDJGLSDJGLJS*


Woohyun: waaaah you guys are really energetic! <—-idk if i heard it right.><

Sungjong: Everyone! Thank you very much for coming today! (in japanese)

Woohyun: Everyone! I really wanted to meet youuuuu~!! (throws hearts)

Hoya (?) i don’t remember who said it..: How was our Dashi Dorawa performance?! fans: KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!

Woohyun: kawaii~ (means cute)

*member* : let’s enjoy it today until the end!!

members play on the stage. MYUNGYEOL MOMENT. myungsoo was spanking sungyeol’s butt.CUTE.

hoya: next song!!

sings Can U smile and Fixed star. i cried so hard when they were singing fixed star. like crying nonstop.

~talking time again~

*member* : thank you~

hoya: everyone, how was our ballad stage? *kyaaaaaaaa~*

hoya: thank you so much! everyone is enjoying right?

woohyun and fans : YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!

hoya: we are also having so much fun!


hoya interrupts : wait wait, not only yokohama, but i’m pretty sure that someone came from far away too right?

dongwoo: OSAKA~!!! TOKYO~! HOKKAIDO??

hoya: wait! NAGOYA~!


woohyun: waaaaah a lot of you came from far places!

hoya: japan inspirits! I LOVE YOUUUU~~~ (OMG THE WAY HE SAID IT WAS REALLY ADORABLE I CAN’T.I SHOULD UPLOAD THE VOICE RECORD LATER.) the next song is nalgae! are you ready? LET’S GO!

sings nalgae~

~talk again~


myungsoo: the song that we just sang is called “nalgae”.

sungyeol(?): we had a live 2 days ago at osaka, but that time there was a typhoon.

sunggyu: because of the typhoon, a lot of inspirits wasn’t able to come.

myungsoo: was it ok? (typhoon)

sungyeol: everytime we have a showcase or live, it rains!!! BUT! in korea, when it rains, something DAEBAK will happen!

*member*: we had a showcase in japan last july! who went there? *everyone raises their hands*

sungyeol: but that time, it rained too…we are boys that brings rain.

*member*: then after that showcase, we released out first ever full album!you guys know that right? *woohyun starts singing be mine~*

sungjong: everyone, our title track Be mine, won 1st in m!coundown!!!!


myungsoo: maji yabe. (idk what does it exactly means in english, it’s a slang word in japanese for “it’s really awesome. remember that word since he says it ALL THE TIME.*w*)

*member*:it was really awesome. i will never ever forget it!

sungjong: if it wasn’t for you inspirits, we weren’t able to win so thank you very very much!

woohyun: and for that, i arranged something for you! wonder what it is~ wonder what it is~

sunggyu: since when did you arrange something like that?

woohyun: MC MC. CUTE MC~! *speaks in japanese* i made something for you guys! ~INFINITE NI KIITE MIYOU~!! (means ASK INFINITE!) everyone say it with me!! INFINITE NI *fans* KIITE MIYOU~! then goes namhoar saying AISHITERU~ (i love you)


sunggyu: woohyunnie, kawaii! (cute!)

woohyun: thank you~ *KYAAAAAA* we recieved a lot of questions from you guys and the question that is asked the most, how does our new dorm look like? ………….mou sukoshi naishou ni~!!! (i’ll keep it as a secret a little more~!!) BIMIL BIMIL~ (means secret in korean) SECRET SECRET~(says it in english). Let’s go to the next question! are you curious? so, if we become an invicible person in one day, what will we do?

sunggyu: i will look if infinite members are really practicing (?) (((i think i heard it wrong)))

hoya: when sunggyu hyung is sleeping, i would like to kick his butt.

sungyeol cutely says: i want to find some girls~

woohyun: pervert pervert.

every members says: pervert pervert!

woohyun to fans: everybody say it too!

fans: pervert~!

woohyun: next question. it’s interesting right?! ok ok~ question! a habit of an infinite member that you just don’t get.

sunggyu: aaahhh good good

hoya: for sungjong-sshi, i just don’t get it why he practices girl group dances while we are practicing our dance.

sungjong: *laughs* i really love girl group dance.

hoya: then you don’t love our dance?

sungjong: **i didn’t hear what he answered because the fans are laughing…**

myungsoo: *laughs loudly*

woohyun: if you want to answer just freely raise your hands!

sungyeol: me!! to dongwoo hyung, i just, i just don’t get dongwoo hyung. i just can’t understand him.

woohyun: next person to answer?

myungsoo (?): to sungyeol, i just don’t get why he’s sleeping with his eyes open.

sungyeol: to be truth, my eyes are open while i sleep to see everything. the real is, i’m not sleeping.

myungsoo said something in japanese but i didn’t hear it…

woohyun: ohhhh sugoi desu ne, ohhh nihonggo„uoooo~ (ohhh that’s really great, ohhh„japanese„ ohhhhh”” LMAO i’m pretty sure he didn’t know what to say.XD) next question! *speaks in cute but weird japanese*

translator translates what woohyun said but i didn’t hear it..>< i think he asked if they would date a member, who would it be, by judging their answers….

woohyun: you guys understand my japanese right?

fans: NE~!!

woohyun: ahhh sugoi *points at himself* sugoi. (ahhh great *points at himself* great)

sunggyu: woohyun.

woohyun: OHHHH. ahhhh wait i need to calm myself, my heart~ give me a little time~

sungyeol: myungsoo!


hoya: for me, i would like to take the inspirits who’s here right now to date. WHO WANTS TO GO WITH ME? *fan screams* after the concert ends, i will choose one of you!

woohyun: did everyone had fun?

fans: NE~

woohyun: and that was WOOHYUNNIE’S CORNER, OF CORNER!! (lol ide.)

sunggyu: since we had been answering questions until now, we want to sing the next song!

woohyun: what do you think we will sing next? ……..just see for yourselves!

sings BTD and Be mine

the fanchants were really loud. especially when thye did the scorpion dance. fans were shouting like crazy. after that they sang Be Mine. since infinite was wearing their costumes in their be mine music video, woohyun wasn’t able to show his abs and i was really sad about that LMFAO.

~special video~

sunggyu’s solo. CAN I BE THE MIC STAND PLEASE. it was amazing.

then comes woohyun’s solo…;___; THIS. I CRIED SO SO SO MUCH WHEN HE WAS SINGING. love him…T__T and this weird photo of woohyun, lmao i’m so sorry namu. i was trying my best to take a pic but it was so so so so strict so this is the only pic i got OTL

next was sungjong,sungyeol and myungsoo’s bangkok city perf!! no one can beat sungjong’s dive-ness….how could he dance like that?! and he was head banging. if you already watched the fancam of their bangkok city perf during their fanmeeting inaguration (???) it was almost just the same as that perf.

DONGWOO AND HOYA’S DANCE PERF!!!! perfection. they were really amazing. i can’t say anything about it…and when they sang CRYING, hoya sang the girl’s part.

then they sang amazing~

talking time again!

ok,next was TIC TOC and this is the perf that i liked the most!!! the dance is really cool, they’re like a clock tic toc-ing. i hope they can perform it too in korea. IT’S REALLY AWESOME.

then talking time again. when they said that there’s only 3 songs left, i cried again. my friend cried too. T_T like you know that it’s gonna end soon and that will make you cry. infinite said “please have fun until the end!”

they just sang she’s back, nothing’s over and entrust normally. I’ll tell you what happened while they were singing entrust later!!! THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE PART. ;____; so keep reading!:D

after they sang entrust, they went off the stage. T__T and we were all shouting INFINITE! INFINITE! and there’s a phrase written on the stage screen that says “inspirits’ voice are too low!!!LOUDER!!” so we screamed louder, then infinite came out for encore stage! they sang julia and voice of my heart.

since voice of my heart was the last song that they sang, again, me and my friend cried so much. they were so emotional and woohyun kept on saying “aishiteru!” (i love you!) when he’s saying it  i keep on crying louder.. ;__; WOOHYUN BIASED OK.

so after they sang voice of my heart, they bowed 3 times. and some of the members were crying. seeing them crying makes me wanna cry too so i cried again. and just that, they already went off the stage. ;___;

*some part during the talking show*

there was this part when each infinite member can perform what they want. everytime they perform,the spotlight will focus on that member. first, woohyun said to sungjong that “it was hard for you to show your talent of dancing girl group dance for just a 3 minutes right? (talking about that it was such a small time for him to perform bangkok city only.) sungjong answered “hmmmm….a little?” so he danced GEE. and sungyeol was dancing in the background lmao. next, sungyeol was raising his hands that he wants to dance but infinite members kept on ignoring him (on purpose) then it was hoya’s turn to perform. he danced as usual! after that, woohyun asks who wants to perform next. sungyeol kept saying “ME ME!” but infinite members kept on ignoring him. then dongwoo performed next. he did beatbox! a lot of fan screamed. after that, again, sungyeol kept on raising his hands that he wants to perform but they kept on ignoring him again LMAO poor choding. THEN! WOOGYU “PERFORMED”. when woogyu was about to “perform”, the spotlight didn’t focus to them so woohyun said “please give us the spotlight!!” LMAO he wants attention!XD THEN, WOOGYU DID THAT RABBIT AEGYO. OMFG IT WAS SO ADORABLE I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE IN THEIR CUTENESS. you guys know that aegyo that woohyun always does? he also did it in their last ep of sesame player.  this rabbit aegyo with weird sound LMFAO. sunggyu and woohyun did it together. ;A; again, ignoring sungyeol, it was myungsoo’s turn to perform. the member’s said “since you have a drama airing in japan that will end today, why don’t you perform action stunts?” fans shouts like crazy. then myungsoo said “how could i perform action stunt in this small place?” then woohyun and sunggyu said “then just act jiu!” everyone: “OHHHHHH” then myungsoo was all shy and smiling like an angel… ;A; then he said to us “i will act as jiu when you promise me to watch today’s final episode ok? promise? *pinky promise to us* all of us: PROMISE!!!! then he acted….i saw jiu live omg. he said one of his line in jiu, “korosu.” he said something longer but i don’t remember it because it seems like he’s whispering AND HIS DEATH STARE ASDFJASLGKLSADGKL. since i was almost in front of myungsoo, i really felt his stare.. O.O with his serious face, after he acted he laughed.>w< then after that, woogyu said “performances are finished since we don’t have time!” then sungyeol, the choding kept acting like a kid and kept saying “I DIDN’T PERFORM YET! I WANT TO DANCE!!T_T” then at last, he got his spot. his dance was so so so so so funny i thought i was gonna die laughing. i already saw this dance on youtube but seeing it live is a LOT more funny!!!XD and if you’re wondering what dance was that, he dancedthis one. he was so energetic and he’s like so high. it was really funny!


there were some couple moments during the live. woogyu, yadong and myungyeol. since every talkking time, the line goes from the left: sunggyu, woohyun, dongwoo, sungjong, hoya, myungsoo then sungyeol. but it also changes.XD the moments i remember are, myungsoo spanking sungyeol’s butt, woogyu doing aegyo together, hoya piggyback-ing dongwoo (or reverse.><), woohyun wiping dongwoo’s sweat from face —-> neck —-> ALMOST INSIDE DONGWOO’S SHIRT, HIS CHEST but we all screamed so woohyun stopped.XD sungyeol giving water to myungsoo and hoya kicking leader’s but if i’m right. i might be wrong in some parts ok? ;_;

so yeah…that’s how it all finished. T_T the live lasted for about 2 hours. 2 hours seemed to be like 10 mins for me. the time flies so fast. took a picture for the last time…

SO! after that, we went out then i took pictures of all these.

and a jp inspirit made this! this is really cool. pictures of infinite members’ are sticked!!! i was really moved by this because they did their best for this…the pictures are so tiny but they were able to make a huge heart!!;A; and i wrote my message for infinite too. it’s written in this.XD

and after the concert, we waited outside the yokohama blitz. waited for infinite to come out and their bus was already there. normally,we will need to wait more than 1 hour before they go out but his time they came out really fast. O.O maybe 30 mins after the live they already came out and headed to the hotel (maybe.XD) dongwoo waved at us!!!

AND HERE COMES THE HAPPIEST AND REALLY UNBELIEVABLE PART!!! so when infinite were performing Entrust,they were throwing teddy bears all over the place! i think they threw about 15 teddy bears….and out of the 1700+ inspirits that was there, I WAS ABLE TO GET THE TEDDY BEAR THAT SUNGYEOL THREW AND THERE’S A SIGN ON ITS FOOT. OHMYGOD. i cried so much when i got it..;___; like a baby crying out loud… sungyeol was always in front of me and my friend, and my friend has this myungyeol towel with her so i think yeol saw it and threw the bear to us. AND I GOT IT. T______T ASDHFLKASDLGJASLDGJLASJ DYING IN HAPPINESS. it was unbelievable when i got it. someone even accidentally scratched my hand and i hope it would leave a scar so i can say “i got this scar while fighting for yeol’s bear!” LOL.

and i met some inspirits that were able to catch a bear too so i took a picture of theirs!!!

i forgot whose bear is whose…>< but one of these bears are from woohyun (WHICH I REALLY WANTED.;_;), sungjong and myungsoo.

and from today’s live (day 2), i heard from a friend that there was a lot more fan service today. and i saw a pic of hoya’s bear and woohyun’s pumpkin.yeah. not a mini bear but a pumpkin.XD but i’m not gonna post the pic since it’s not mine.^^

this place will be forever memorable. i will never forget this place! (everybody is gone and i was still there lmao)

so that’s it. i hope my fanaccount wasn’t boring. >___<


3 responses

  1. Debita Istifadah

    Thank you for telling us your story! ♥
    I hope they will make it in Indonesia as well soon!!! ♥

    September 25, 2011 at 8:36 am

  2. Fanny

    It sounds so fun!! I can feel the excitement just by reading your story, thank you so much^^
    I bet these boys must be having fun with you guys.. Thanks for cheering them so loud during the concert. Well, they totally deserved it 🙂
    I have a feeling they’ll become a big group sooner or later. They got the looks, they got talents and they got the sincerity towards their fans. One thing..I really hope that they will stay humble and keep their hard work as they’ve been doing since their debut days. That’s what makes them as popular as now (and of course load of support from Inspirits as well..) Sorry, I’ve written too much already XD
    Thanks once again for writing down this memorable story of them. I wish you’ll get another chance to see them again^^

    September 25, 2011 at 5:21 pm

  3. i am so envioussss readin ur fanaccount! 😦 gahhh!! those bois are too precious!!! =’)

    October 11, 2011 at 6:05 pm

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