INFINITE Sungyeol(Sungryul) interview on Hanryu Pia 31th August issue – published in Japan,22th July



Relay Interview Vol.2 L takes part of interviewer with Sungyeol.

Interview continues from magnae to the last leader. There would happen to pop up some questions just in this opportunity chance.


L: From last month issue,Sungjong passed me the baton. This month,I make interview with Sungyeol. Let’s try our best. 

Sungyeol: What should I talk about?

L: It’s all right if you will just answer my questions. Now,let’s start then. Sungjong said to me as I’m “mysterious person”,how do you think of me?

Sungyeol: Hmm,for example,I think you’re like watermelon.

L: ….. I’m not human being?

Sungyeol: It means that you looks cool and handsome,in other side of your content – your personality is soft. And how do you think of me?

L: Person with strong individuality. But it’s not good meaning. (LOL) You&me are opposite,aren’t we?

Sungyeol: Yeah,our personalities are opposite. But because of that we can make friends,can’t we? We feel mutually mysterious,so we are interested in both of us each other. (LOL)

L: There’s something we can find because we are opposite. I tend to take things negative,but Sungyeol is very positive. He is person who thinks about anything in this way – “First of all,I try it”.

Sungyeol: Yeah,that’s right. Even I think I’m positive. I’m kind of person that I can’t give up if I wouldn’t try it by myself. Even if I failed,I can understand in doing by myself. Now I think L is the person who gets do when he gets do. 

L: Are you sure?

Sungyeol: You carry out what you intend to do,Sunjoung said so too. You make great effort behind the scenes. I had captured you as my rival but now you are such as existence as I want to learn. You have ability to concentrate rather than you hate to lose. I want to learn from your persevering.

L: Arigatou gozaimasu. (“Thank you”in Japanese) Sungyeol,you are now acting in Korean drama “While you were sleeping (당신이 잠든 사이)”,are you feeling difficulty in acting?

Sungyeol: I wanted originally to be an actor,and I had acted in some drama before I got into INFINITE. But this is the first and biggest role. I act as honor student all over my hi-school,but I’m supposed to do shotgun wedding. (LOL)

L: Shotgun wedding in hi-school age,huh. If you were him really,what do you do?

Sungyeol: I will do effort to make my baby grow up. I will take responsibility. How about you,L?

L: Eehh! I’ve never thought of that. I would like to teach my child the point what I’m lack as singer now. I’ll let my child to take special education. (LOL) Anyway I’m realistic type,if under such occasion,I will earn money for bringing baby up. In last month issue,Sungjong asked me “If you are girl…Who do you choose in INFINITE members to go steady with?” Then I answered Sungyeol. 

Sungyeol: Really? If I were a girl and made you my boyfriend,I can’t avoid looking at your face too much. In fact I was thinking I’m better looking than L,but one day I got aware I was wrong looking at some photographs…(LOL)

L: If Sungyeol was my lover,I want to go on a journey. Even if I have less money,Sungyeol is so positive that he should say “Things will work out somehow”. Sungyeol is such kind of person that can survive anywhere. 

Sungyeol: Speaking of drama,L is going to act in Japanese drama”JIU”,right? When you perform in music program you must look at cameras,but you shouldn’t do that when you’re acting in drama. I did that so I was scolded by director at first. By the way,how is your role like?

L: Jiu is mysterious. He’s lonely and hides darkness in his mind. I say it’s like image of “BTD” music video. I heard I will do action scenes,I’m so excited. 

Sungyeol: How do you feel about other actors?

L: Meisa Kuroki looks chic,Mikako Tabe gives cute impression to me. These two detectives are going to chase me. I thought singing and acting were different,but I tried both actually and I made to think they are same in making people impressed. 

Sungyeol: You’re right. L,you are hard worker,so you should be able to do it very well. 

L: Now then,it’s established routine for interviewee to tell INFINITE’s catch phrase,what is Sungyeol’s opinion on INFINITE? Incidentally,I answered “INFINITE is family”.

Sungyeol: Let me see… INFINITE is “air”. You can’t live without it,and oxygen turns into another thing when you breath out. INFINITE is also essential. We want to be constantly changing.


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