[OVER THE TOP] Thanks to – Woohyun


trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥


I kept running for my dreams and future ever since I first dreamt of becoming a singer and somewhere along the lines, I released an official album through a group called ‘Infinite’.

As I look back at the times that I ran, I feel like I worked hard, really hard and put in my all.

This isn’t for anyone. I will keep running for my dream and only I, myself, can block my own dreams. I will not stop.

My father, mother, hyung, and realtives who gave courage to me whenever I was tired! And my 2nd father, Lee Joongyeop CEO~~!!!!! You are a really honorable person for having created my life, thank you.

Woollim’s best beauty, Chairman Jiyoung, the cool Lee Yongjun head, Baby bear Jungryulie hyung, Sooyeon noona, Giant Geonamie hyung, clumsy Hyowanie hyung, Nell seniors who always give us good advice, Goddess Jisun noona!! And Sunamie noona and Jooyeon noona who go through trouble together with us, Dongmin teacher who goes through trouble to think up cool choreography!! I really, really love our Woollim family… J.Tune family members who always take care of Infinite and make a happy recording mood!! Thank you so much.

M.C The Max’s Jay hyung who makes good songs and cool intros for every album!! Thank you~~ Hwang Sooah director who makes perfect music videos, Kim Jaewon photographer who takes amazing pictures, Red Carpet’s Kangho director, Hyeran, Youngran noona, Hyojungie noona, Okjae noona, and the many other Red Carpet family members, who create cool hairs and make-up, thank you!!

Bae Joonchul head, Hong Ilhwa head, Jeon Sangrok head, and the best vocal teacher, Hweesun teacher, who always gave us strength, be it before debut or now~

Thank you to Hodongie hyung, Hyeryeon noona, Myunghoonie hyung, Youngmi noona, Teukie hyung, Eunhyuk hyung, and Yesung hyung for giving me advice and encouragement when variety shows were really hard for me!!

Sungsoo hyung, Changryul hyung, Yeonwoo hyung, Jongho hyung, Hweesoonie hyung, Gaeun noona, Juri noona, and Eunjung noona who always took care of me because I was the maknae. Lucky Strike Team’s hyungs and noonas who I’ll never forget…. Thank you~~!!

After being connected through our first radio appearance, Mother Kyungrim who took care of us really well~ We are growing well ^^

My special people who always give me courage: Seonhyukie, Mansoo, Minho, Myungho, Geonwoo, Joobong, Sunggeun, Sanghyun, Sungyoung, Jahoon, Doyeon, Youngtae, Yejun, Jonghyun, Sungtaek, Sangheon, Taeyang, Sungmin, Hyukmin, Dongwoo, Homin, Sanggyu, Jungho, Honggyu, Sanggyu, and my other self who always listens to any of my problems, Kibumie~~~

And my university classmates, let’s keep going for~ward without any change!!

Inspirits, who always love us no matter what side we show, I love you so much.

I will always sing, cry, and laugh near by your sides.

Stay by our sides for not 10 years, but 100 years, ten thousand years.

Our Infinite members, fighting~~~~~~!!! Woollim fighting!!


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