[OVER THE TOP] Thanks to – Sungyeol


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We, Infinite, have finally released our first official album.

From all the staffs and Woollim’s CEO Lee Joongyeop to Woollim family members, who helped and encouraged us before releasing the official album, I want to say that I really thank you!

And my one and only family ♥ Although we’re apart, I always miss you!! I’ll succeed and keep my promise. I haven’t forgotten it~

Daeyeol-ah, they say there are 3 chances given to a person so fully prepare yourself and grasp onto those chances!

The best creator, Lee Joongyeop boss-nim, I vow to stay at Woollim forever.

Youngjunie hyung, Jungryeolie hyung, Geonamie hyung, Hyowanie hyung, who always stay next to these 7 troublemakers. Even if I don’t say it, you know that I love you guys, right?! The best choreographer, Dongmin (Amazing Dancer Dongmin) teacher, make sure to keep your promise with us!!

Soonam teacher~ Jooyeon noona and Mia, who always give us cool clothes to wear!! I’m always thankful!! And Red Carpet’s Kangho teacher~ Hyeran teacher~ who makes us really cool that it can’t be explained in words. I always admire your skills!! Jaeho hyung, Seungsoo hyung, Suyoon noona, Seunghyunie hyung, Yooae hyung, Boa noona, Jay hyung, Joohyungie hyung, and Namsoo composer, who always picks out amazing songs and give us a lot of help, thank you for guiding the lacking me so that I could grow better.

And the directors Park Kyungryeol, Ahn Gilho and Ma Joohee teacher, thank you so much for letting me live with the name of Sojun and SBS’ ‘While You Were Sleeping’. And telling me know-how’s that couldn’t be learned quickly whenever we start filming ㅠ^ㅠ! I shall always show a learning posture!

Woosook teacher, Kim Hagyoon teacher, Kim Hakchul teacher, Lee Hyeja teacher, Jung Donghwan teacher, Park Joongeum teacher, Lee Deokhee teacher, thank you for teaching and grasping onto my lacking acting!! Shinhye noona, Woojinie hyung, Hyukjin hyungnim, Shinyoung sister-in-law, Minjoonie hyung, Hyunsung noonnim, and my wife, Hyunjoo, take care of me well for the filming that we have left!!!! And Oksoo hyungnim, Hyeondongie hyung, Dongjunie hyung, Jeongmin noona, and Jooyeon noona who always give me help during filmings, I shall become a Sungyeol that works harder!!!

And the members that I’m with for 24 hours!!!!!!!!! Leadah Gyuyomi (T/N: Gyiyomi is a term to say someone’s cute so he changed it to fit Sunggyu’s name), Jjangjiin Dongwoo, Namstar, Hoya, Blonde Jiu, Jjong! I love you to the point where I can’t explain it in words and kiss~~~~ ♥

Let’s not lose our main focus and even when 10 years or 20 years pas, let’s move around together as Infinite!! Since we’re one, if anyone betrays each other, we’ll go to hell like leader said! Let’s make our first official album a big hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 responses

  1. fixedstarforinfinite

    Who is Blonde Jiu?
    Another name for L? O_o

    August 2, 2011 at 11:00 am

  2. adi

    opo iki…

    August 2, 2011 at 12:58 pm

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