[OVER THE TOP] Thanks to – Sungjong


trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥


First off, thank you to God, who is in the sky.

Wow~~~~! Offi!cial!Al!bum! Tada!! The official album that you have been waiting and waiting for has come out ^^

My cool dad who works daily in an office for a person named Lee Sungjong, my mom who is the prettiest in the world, and our makdoongie/youngest Seonkyu who is growing tall, I really thank you and love you!!!

Woollim’s boss, Lee Joongyeop CEO who always gives us words of encouragement and at the same time, thinks of us and takes care of us!! Woollim’s smart beauty, Jiyoung chairman!! Woollim’s ulzzang figure, Youngjun head!! The genius choreographer Dongmin teacher, beautiful voiced Hweesun teacher, and Baby bear Jungryeolie hyung!! Large eyed Geonamie hyung!! Cool Hyowanie hyung! Thank you!! Sweet Tune family!! Principal! Vice-Principal! Jung Euibong teacher! Jeon Ikpyo teacher! Kim Yonghyun teacher! Thank you for always being considerate and supporting me!!

Our pastor that always prays for me!! I love you ^^

Inspirits, who always give us infinite love and large support, and the staff members as well, I bend down and thank you genuinely! ^^*

Our members that are like magnets, Leadah Gyu hyung! Namstar hyung! Innocent Jjangjjin hyung! Almighty Boradori Hoya hyung who I admire! Elementary schooler Sungyeolie hyung!! Actor L! I love all of you. Our hyungnims who take care of me well and are loyal are the best! However, maknae ON TOP!


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