[OVER THE TOP] Thanks to – Sunggyu


trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥


Father God who always shines over me, my loving family members, my loving representative Lee Joongyeop, executive Jiyoung, head of department Youngjun, team leader Jungryul, Guhnam hyung, Hyowan hyung, Sooyeon nuna, Misun nuna, Hyein!!! And our loving head of department Sunam, Jooyeon nuna, Mia, thank you all very much.


Also the greatest choreographer, number 93 Dongmin hyung!(ADDM) I love oyu~

Teacher Heesun I love, thank you!!


Director Kangho I love, executive Ma, teacher Yeonhee, Youngran nuna, Okjae nuna, Hyojung nuna, Soojin nuna, Park Ahreum nuna, Lee Jinah, and all the staff of Red Carpet, thank you very, very much. Photographer Kim Jaewon I love, producer Hwang Sooah I love, thank you.


And producer Han Jaeho who endured through a lot, producer Kim Seungsoo, Sooyoon nuna, Boa nuna, Gwansoo hyung, Ahn Junsung, composer Go Namsoo, Seunghyun hyung, Joohyung hyung, Jisang hyung, and others, I thank everyone in the Sweetune family. Also, shy Jay hyung, thank you for the good song.


My idol that I love and respect, senior Nell! Thank you very much. Junghoon hyung who gave me a song that’s out of my league, thank you very much.


Inspirits I love who never hold back in caring and loving Infinite, thank you very much. Also, the loving members of Infinite, I really, really love you guys.!!


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