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trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥


A kid who dreamed of becoming a singer has taken a big step for an official 1st album. In spending nights agonizing and putting our hearts into it, we will work just as hard in having no regrets!^^


First off, to my father, mother, and Moonsoo who I can’t express in how thankful I am in any form of words. Also, Woollim family who helped bring together the name Infinite. Woollim’s boss, Boss Joongyeop, Youngjun hyung, Jiyoung nuna, Sooyeon nuna, Jungryul hyung, Guhnam hyung, Hyowan hyung, Hyein nuna, Misun nuna, Jungwook hyung! and also, 92er Soojungㅋㅋ


My high school classmates Colly, Hanbin, Hyungsuk, Minsoo, Jinho, Homin, Hyedong, and teacher Hayoung. Also, Joochan hyung who is alone whenever. Also got who looks like they’ll inflict harm but is really sensitive, lets watch a movie! Our Minhwan! Advice cupidㅋJunghee nuna, click Boyoon nuna, tomato Sunmi nuna, teacher Nob of karaoke, nice Hyuktae hyung, thug Soohee, Min Sunhong who taught me about life, and producer Jo, I hope you recover soon!! Choreographer Dongmin teacher, vocal teacher Heesun, guitar teacher Oongchul, I love you~ Photographer Kim Jaewon, and of course producer Hwang Sooah who is the greatest MV producer. Soonam nuna who’s clothes are wins, Jjooyeon nuna, Myanim, Jieun nuna, director Kangho of scarlet Red Carpet, teacher Hyeran, aunt Youngran, Okjae nuna, Soojin nuna, Hyojung nuna, teacher Yeonhee! I love you!~ Shiny Sweetune composer Jaeho, composer Seungsoo, and composer Namsoo who will next time, Sooyoon nuna, Seunghyun hyung, Joohyung hyung, Boa nuna who needs to go on a diet, and Jay hyung!


And lastly, our Infinite members Sunggyu hyung, Dongwoo hyung, Woohyun hyung, Howon, Sungyeol, Sungjong. Inspirits who guide us to infinity and continually give us love. Aside from this album, to all those who worked hard for the seven of us in Infinite, I will just say one thing. I really love you. ♥~


One response

  1. fixedstarforinfinite

    Boa nuna? Which Boa? O_o
    L is nice to noonas, thought..
    He greeted those whole noonas…

    August 2, 2011 at 10:56 am

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