[OVER THE TOP] Thanks to – Hoya


trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥


To my loving family, my grandma, dad, mom, Hojae hyung, Hojun, I thank you first and I love you! Also, CEO Lee Joongyeop for allowing us to make our debut!


Our beautiful executive Jiyoung, friendly head of department Youngjun, head of department Ilhwa who left, nice Sooyeon nuna, n5 Jungryul hyung, big man Guhnam hyung, Hyowan hyung who endures through a lot, the best stylist Soonam nuna, Jooyeon nuna, Mia, Youngmi nuna, fan manager Misun nuna, Hyein nuna, thank you all of Woollim family! My favorite actor Jungwook hyung and trainee friends, Minjoong who I miss, Soojung, Jiae, Jia, Bohye who are getting prettier, hwaiting!


Beautiful Heesun teacher, the greatest uljjang choreographer Dongmin teacher who I thank for the many lessons! Also, thank you everyone of Sweetune family!


Red Carpet’s director Kangho nuna, Hyeran nuna, Youngran nuna, Soojin nuna, Okjae nuna, Minah nuna, Ahreum nuna, Hyojung nuna, and all the staff members, thank you!


Teacher Seungchan who made me fall in to hip hop, I respect and miss you! The members of bk, the greatest dancer Hyojin, Octopus, Seulgi~ I miss the days we used to dance on the streets! 2’o’clock daebak line Youngjun hyung who was in charge of the female fans, Woonghyu hyung who enlisted that I miss, my best friend Kwangsuk who used to sweep the battle floors, although we didn’t get to make our debut together, let’s all succeed and stand on one stage together! Also, my best friend Jjungmi, Hyojin nuna who I’m thankful for, Jongmoon hyung who I miss, Jangmoon hyung, Chulseung hyung, Hyunjin, Yeojin nuna, roommate Dongmin hyung, Janghyun hyung.


Jihoon hyung who’s in the army, Jihyung, Bareum nuna, Choa nuna and Heeyon who I’ll see in the broadcasting stations soon, Jaeho hyung who’s in charge of Hongdae, bread Jisoo nuna, Raccoon ham Soojung, Yeji nuna, Heonduk hyung, Ryeojin nuna, guitar teacher Oongchul, Sookhee, Jungyeon teacher, Boyoon nuna, and Wheesung hyungnim who gave me a good opportunity to experience. And Wooyoung hyung who is always emulated. Busan family doggy dog Youngwon hyung, awesome Ingook hyungnim, rapper of the rainy road AJ, Eungyo of Changwon, Raccoon ham, Soojung, Yeji nuna, Heonduk hyung, Ryeojin nuna, and the ones I couldn’t write on here… I love you all !!!


Lastly, my reason to live! Our Inspirit~

We’ll always show a more improving, awesome image in return! Thank you always and I love you all. And really for the last time, our Infinite members~

Grandpa Gyu, Jangjjin jjangddong, Nam Star, Sojun Yeol, L-Sama, and Lemon Jjong, let’s keep running for our dreams.!!


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