[OVER THE TOP] Thanks to – Dongwoo


trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥


My father! Mother! Who’ve always been my strength whether from afar or nearby, and whenever. Big! Small! And when it comes to my worries about dancing, always Chunmin hyungnim! Gwangsu who’s working in a different country but still supporting me without any chance, Sugeun, Hwichang, Ilsoo, Jjoo, Hyungsuk, Butt Seokwoo, Jiwon, etc! Let’s all meet up and play at the playground!


Soojung who always whips me back into shape with her cold words, Sookyung, Ara, Sooji, Eunjoo nuna! After the filming, Koora hyungnim who made sure to tell everyone hwaiting without leaving anyone out! Kyungsuk hyungnim! Youngchul hyungnim! Jongsu hyungnim! Marco hyungnim! Kyungrim nuna who always took care of us from guests to wherever we went! And our CEO Lee Joongyeop who made sure to take care of each and every little thing from Infinite’s performance to the our outfits, conditions, etc!


Executive Jiyoung who knows without even taking a look at our conditions! And of course, leave rapping to Jungryul hyung! and head of department Youngjun who knows us very well! Misun nuna who plays the role of the supporting leg very weel ㅋㅋ Always have your stomach blown up! Sooyeon nuna! Heu~heu our vocal teacher Heesun who never forgets to take care of us even onceㅠ And of course, teacher Dongmin when it comes to dancing!!!yeah


Mom Soonam who already takes care of our styling! Jooyeon nuna who slightly does a bit more! Heu~heu Mia who doesn’t hide in taking care of us ㅋㅋ Our teacher Hyeran who doesn’t know much about faces but takes care of us and teacher Kangho who slightly tosses in the colors she wants! Our heart! Sweetune! Jaeho PD-nim, Seungsu PD-nim, Seunghyun PD-nim, Junsung hyung, Namsoo hyung, Joohyung hyung, Jisang hyung, Kwansoo hung, I love you. And Sweetune’s goddess, Sooyoon nuna, diva Boa nuna~ I love you~ Outsider J hyung thank you^^


Penny hyungnim who put his strength into editing the song for Dongwoo and Hoya! And the uncles, hyungnims, nunas, and dongsengs I couldn’t write down, you know how I feel about you all, right!?ㅎㅎㅎ There are so much people to thank, but it ends here…


Infinite’s components! Complete! Our members and Inspirit hwaiting!!! 7=1!

I love you all. !!!


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