[CAFE] 110729 – Sunggyu’s message: hi, i’m sunggyu

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; infinite’s fancafe ; take out with full credits ♥


Hello everyone~~~^^
It’s Sunggyu, who just finished the Music Bank stage and came back~~~ㅋ
Lately there’s a lot of rain coming down, so I worry for everyone.. There’s a lot of rain coming and the weather’s really nice ㅋ
Thinking how you guys were waiting for our stage while getting hit by rain.. My heart hurt ㅜㅜ

Everyone’s doing well, right~~??
Going through the trouble to wait for us on line since morning.. You guys, who came out to support us~~!!!!!!!
Thank you so, so much and.. I………………..lo………lo…………lov……………like you!!! A lot~~~~~~~♥

When I hear Inspirits cheering lately, I wake up immediately even when I’m tired~~
Thank you so, so much! I heard many people couldn’t enter because there weren’t seats for fans.. I was really sad..
I asked the manager hyungs and they said there are going to be a lot of fan seats on Sunday~~~~~~~~~~~ Euheu~
A lot, a lot of you are going to come, right~? ^^

Because we made a come back with an official album like this~~ I’m personally quite happy because there are many chances to see everyone’s faces~ ㅋ
Since there’s a fansigning event on Sunday~~ I shall be waiting with a moving heart~~~!!
You guys are anticipating it too, right~? ㅋ

Besides ‘Be Mine’, we’ve done a bit of other songs up till now such as ‘Amazing’ or ‘1/3’~
I’m curious as to how it was~ Because we wanted to let everyone hear it~ It was a stage that we prepared hard for without sleeping~ ^^ Hehe
I’m not saying it because I want to get complimented……….. I…….. just wanted to say that we put a lot of effort in by thinking of you guys~
So be mine… Something like that.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I’m sorry.. ㅜㅜ

Anyways, we still don’t think it’s enough so if we’re given the chance, we want to sing it as a live at another place or performance~~~ ^-^
Since you won’t know when or what we’ll be singing ~ Look forward to it~~~~!!! ㅋ
Truthfully, while preparing for our official album~ We, how should I say this… felt a little burdened..
The title of an ‘official album’.. And wouldn’t you guys be disappointed after listening the album from the lacking us..
Wouldn’t you become embarrassed as an Infinite fan.. Because of thoughts like these..
I started getting scared.. And afraid..
Because it’s music that everyone will hear.. Because you guys can’t get embarrassed because of us~@!!
So we worked harder..

We worked hard on it and when I listening to the album for the first time~
How would everyone listen to it… What would their reactions be.. I was anticipating it.. And nervous.. And afraid. I think I was like that~ ^^
But~ Then we did our first performance with ‘Be Mine’ and right!!!!!!!! then~ I saw everyone’s loud cheers and happy faces!
I was so proud.. This is the reason why I sing on stage~ Thoughts like that came to me!!~~
The anticipation you give us, the energy you give us, the cheers you give us without holding back and everything else!~
Although it’s lacking to pay back for everything.. But
We’ll pay everyone back with our amazing music and amazing stages!! So look forward to it more!!
Because we’re infinite males!!!!!!
Because we’re fierce males!!!!!!
Because we’re sharp guys!!!!!
Let’s make you guys all mine~~~~!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Our official album’s title song, ‘Be Mine’, that we worked hard on!! You’ll cherish it and love it a lot, right? ^^
We’ll be showing many, many amazing stages with ‘Be Mine’ from now on, so let’s hurry up and see each other~~~ ㅋㅋ
I’m looking forward to music broadcasts from now on, and it’s a good feeling
We’ll be doing a performance in Japan tomorrow and then we’ll hurry and come back to see you on Sunday~~~~ Inspirit!!!


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