Voting for infinite (mnet korea +mnet japan)


For both of these site you must register an account. Once completed, you can vote

weekly for Infinite on Mcountdown. Let’s go Inspirits!

————-for Mnet Korea———

1.go here= 

——>click the icon with the globe(it also says foreigners). Make sure to fill out all of the information. Before you continue, you must go to your email and get the confirmation code. Go back to the mnet site and enter it.
2.Now youre read to vote weekly. Go here=

—————For Mnet Japan—————

for Japan—————————mnet
google= katakana phonetic sumi tamotsu (click the 1st link)

1.follow the instructions
2.when done, go to google, type in mnet japan
3. under the blue link click “m countdown” the word to the right of “photos”
5. look for infinite

P.S. Infinite will not be on the voting list until their official stage comeback.

——->Voting is from  Friday 11am (KTS) –  Monday 1pm(KTS)

Each member can vote once a day, Friday- Monday(KTS). Please only make one of each account, this will ensure they win fair and square. ^—^

~always, loyal Inspirits

Here’s another tutorial for you guys on how to vote on Mnet.
Here’s the other tutorial: LINK


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  1. Hi. Can I copy this? I will credit you! ^^

    July 24, 2011 at 5:51 pm

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