[cafe] 110716 Sungyeol’s cafe post



Hello!!! This is Infinite’s Sungyeol~~ Have you seen our teaser?!

This official album is a big present in returning the love we’ve received up until now^^

All the members have watched the teaser after practicing also~

The hot love we receive from Inspirits..I’ve missed it!!!!!! I love you all~^^

In working hard and pouring our sincerity into our first! Official album!!!! Wait a bit longer~~

Also, you’ll be sur~~~prised! Surprised! We’ll surprise you all.

Through the short hiatus Infinite had, for you all who consistently cared for Infinite without missing a day,

we are to this day! Practicing a lot~

Infinite = practice = Inspirit

I think this is the only capability we have~yap!

Just a bit! Wait a bit longer~~~Inspirit!

*p.s: We’ll come back we~ll from Japan ^^ We’ll even make Japan craze for us keke fighting! A different present rather than lemon candies!

trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates; take out with full credits


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