[INTERVIEW] INFINITE L(Myungsoo) interview on Hallyu Pia 31th July issue

Relay Interview Vol.1 Sungjong rushes to L.

Interview continues from magnae to the last leader. There would happen to pop up some questions just in this opportunity chance.

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Sungjong: To be honest,how do you think of me,L Hyeong? Tell me the truth.

L: I think you are pretty and bright boy. Sometimes you have got treated for a giggle by members,but you know we are kind to you,don’t you? So how about you Sungjong,what do you think of me?

Sungjong: So far you didn’t care about me very much,now you turned to mind me. Anyway L Hyeong’s strongest point is his nice-looking face.

L: (LOL)Hehe… ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU. (*”Thank you” in Japanese)

Sungjong: Although he looks unfriendly,if once you make friend with him,he is very interesting. By the way Hyeong,I have a question to ask you in this opportunity chance.

L: What?

Sungjong: When you looks expressionless,what do you think about? I’m very curious!

L: Ee? (*in the face like telling”Such a question?”) Currently? Hmmm,I think about nothing. Just I’m spacing out.

Sungjong: Heyyy,I thought you think of something seriously.

L: For example,”What do I eat for dinner tonight?” or something like that.

Sungjong: Really? And more,L Hyeong has something mysterious. If I make a question,he answers totally different in point. Then I understand like this way “Oh I knew L Hyeong is creative person”.

L: Ee!? (*Seriously) I always think my answer is right. Yet is that wrong?(LOL) No wonder our conversation never be same wavelength.

Sungjong: But there’s something we must learn in that such L Hyeong does.

L: What? What?

Sungjong: Playing guitar,singing,practice of dance…He never give up with what he wants to do,so I proud of him.

L: Sungjooong! (*Looking at staffs) I’m so satisfied now.

Sungjong: L Hyeong’s strongest point is good-looking face. Then what do you think about your rate in looking out of INFINITE?

L: Hmmmm. I think I take 7th…

Sungjong: You kidding!? So,what about me? Look at my eyes,answer!

L: Number one!

Sungjong: Satisfied!

L&Sungjong: Hahaha(*Laugh loud)

Sungjong: We often take same questions on interview of Japanese magazines,like “If you are girl…Who do you choose in INFINITE members to go steady with?” Who do you want to be your boyfriend, L Hyeong?

L: Sungyeol is best. He is cute in his personality like weird and funny little bit.

(Passing-by)Sunggyu: Uh oh? You took Woohyun so far.

L: Love is changeable.(LOL)

Sungjong: I wanna be a girlfriend with all members of INFINITE at the same time~! (*Smiling) If I have date with L Hyeong,I can’t stand staring at his face all the time. He’s so cool.

L: Sungjong is so active we would go to some theme park for dating.

Sungjong: Hey,L Hyeong do you have anything you wanna ask me?

L: Not really…

Sungjong: What!? You have no interest on me? Oh my~(*crying)

L: However we live together all the way,I know your everything. I have no question after such a long time.

Sungjong: I have lots of things to know! Is there anything to ask for other members? 

L: I sleep on same bed with roommate Dongwoo,I lay on very edge of our bed because half of bed is taken by Dongwoo’s stuffed toys. (LOL) So I want to ask him reason why he gathers so many stuffed toys.

Sungjong: Someone makes that question to ask Dongwoo’s turn! At the end of this relay interview,you must make a catch copies on INFINITE,that’s mission you have to clear. What do you think,L Hyeong?

L: In the case of Woohyun,he would say”inspiration”. (LOL) INFINITE is “family”. I love them now I have spend longer time with them rather than my real family. Every member is important. So I hope all members to get successful.



LMAOOO MyungYeol is real! ♥ and..  Sungjong is a boy who crush on L -___-


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