[INTERVIEW] Infinite Hallyu Pia for July 31st

Special Interview


[Our song got 1st place in Japan, somewhere we haven’t even gone to yet!]

The secret behind Sunggyu’s popularity!?

The funny talks continue.

The newcomers who are garnering attention, INFINITE, have started the latter part of their 2nd continuous interview. They talked about their overall promotions for a year, starting from their debut. Let’s hear about their Japanese debut in this edition.


The fact that we’re debuting in Japan is something really new to us. Along with being new, we’re also really anticipating it. We heard that our song became 1st place on a ringtone site in Japan, somewhere we haven’t even gone to yet. It’s a really big happening, right!?


I believe that our debut in Japan is our first step in going forth infinitely, just like our name. And although from now on, we won’t just be promoting in Japan but in other countries as well, we’ll work hard in Japan just like we did in Korea, for now. We’re even studying Japanese right now. I’m happy that I have a chance to learn about many things.


I heard that we have fans in Japan too, so I want to hurry and meet them! We’ll probably be able to meet at our performance in Japan, right?


(Acting cute) I’m really nervous~


Ahahahahaha (Explosion of laughter!)


That’s why Sunggyu hyung is popular, right!


Recently, I think about the times before our debut. It’s just like I’ve gone back to that time so (acting cute again) I’m nervous~


Again~? (Explosion of laughter!)


Although my goal was to be a singer since I was young, debuting in Japan was also a dream of mine. Because I was able to make that dream come true so fast… (copying Sunggyu) I’m nervous~


That’s a bit~ (Bitter smiles)

Even studying the differences in culture

A food culture that a Japanese person would be surprised about?

They will go to Japan in July for the first time ever. What are they doing now for their debut in Japan?


Studying Japanese. Whenever there’s time, I watch Japanese dramas or movies. Even though it hasn’t been a year, it’s hard.


Because I thought it was important to know about their culture as well, I asked about various things to our Japanese teacher. Ah, we were talking about food culture last time but they said that Japanese people are really shocked about Korea’s “silkworm pupae”. But it’s not really something eaten often in Korea too so..


I can’t eat it either. I get really surprised about it. (Laughter)


The members who eat the slightly disgusting foods are Hoya, Sungyeol, and Sungjong, who share the same room. So their nickname is the silkworm pupae room. (Laughter)


To me, our fanmeeting in Korea really left an impression. During our encore stage, our fans sang with us as a surprise event. I really can’t forget how we could feel ourselves being connected with everyone and we cried while dancing.


That’s right. Even though we said, “We won’t cry till we get 1st place!”.. (Laughter) Because a fanmeeting is something with a lot of meaning to us, it would be nice if we could have amazing memories with our fans in Japan too~

Finally, the issue starts

The message that the 7 members send

INFINITE’s issue starts from this month too! We asked what they wanted to do..


I want to go shopping in Japan!


Not things like that~! I’ll answer it. First off, it’s really an honor.


(Copying Sunggyu) I’m really nervous~


Ahahaha (Explosion of laughter!)


Wait! Don’t interrupt. First off, this is really an honor. Since we were given this chance, we want to show our cool sides to everyone as much as we can. If you keep reading, you can learn more about us!


We want to show our true sides without it being decorated. Because we think that it’s the best side…


Right, right

Finally, a message to the readers who still don’t know about INFINITE.


We’re INFINITE, who has an infinite amount of various charms. (In Japanese) Yoroshiku onegai shimasu [Nice to meet you].


That’s too plain!


Although our songs are really diverse, there are many happy songs. So if you’re in a bad mood or sad, you can be in a better mood when you listen to our songs.


Our stages are amazing! You will fall into them!


We want to give everyone really good music. Look forward to it.


Although everyone still may not know about us, we want to work hard so that in 3 months, when asked “Who is your favorite singer?”, they can answer “INFINITE.”


There’s a Japanese car brand called “INFINITI”, right? If you search us, the car’s the first thing that comes up so.. We want people to know about us in Japan so that we can equal the amount of how many people know the car.


I… No… Uhm.. The charms of INFINITE’S songs are..


Dongwoo already said that before~ (Pointing out the members’ faults!)


If you look at us once, you’ll fall instantly! Come and watch our performance please!


50 Questions to Investigate About the INFINITE members!

The 7 members’ own shining personalities, check!

Q01: What part can you be proud of INFINITE for?

A01: That we’re always full of smiles!!.. Of course there’s our songs and dances too! (Dongwoo)


Q02: INFINITE to you?

A02: The existence that allowed me to achieve my dreams.

Q03: A member you want to compliment?

A03: Sunggyu.

Q04: When you think about it, what are you like?

A04: Manly, sometimes a kid-like side.

Q05: Your goal in Japan?

A05: 1st place on Oricon! Tokyo Dome!

Q06: A Japanese food you want to eat?

A06: Sushi, which I like the most throughout all international foods

Q07: A scene from a romance movie (or drama) that you wish for?

A07: The kiss scene in the rain from ‘Dear John’ (Planning to open in Japan this fall). It’s a parting scene.

Q08: When was the last time you cried?

A08: After seeing the movie, ‘Harmony’. Maybe it was because I’ve been living apart from my family since about 2 years ago, but I cry more now.


Q09: The happiest time as INFINITE?

A09: When we debuted.

Q10: Your life’s OST is?

A10: MUSE’s ‘Hysteria’. Because it’s a song I played as my high school band, I think of those days when I listen to it.

Q11: Something you want to try out after?

A11: I want to try being a DJ at a club.

Q12: Your dream when you were younger?

A12: A school teacher. The subject would be either philosophy or ethics.

Q13: The person who was the happiest about your debut in Japan?

A13: My mom. My mom started studying about Japan too!

Q14: Your goal in Korea?

A14: Since we’ve only released mini-albums, I’d like to release a full album!

Q15: A cool guy to you would be?

A15: Someone with a wide heart and is generous. Someone who can deal with anything whenever. He has to be strong too!


Q16: How many texts do you send out a day?

A16: My cellphone’s broken so 0 right now.

Q17: A pro and con to yourself?

A17: A pro would be that I’m positive! There’s nothing I don’t like about myself!

– My weak point was that I couldn’t eat oysters, but recently I’ve been able to eat roasted oysters, so I’m overcoming my weak point.

Q18: If you weren’t a celebrity, what would have wanted to do?

A18: A Chinese herb doctor. Because I want to make my grandma better from her disease.

Q19: A senior you have as a goal?

A19: G.O.D seniors. I especially look up to Kim Taewoo senior. When I see him, he cheers us and and even gives us advice. He has the best sense.

Q20: Your favorite love song is?

A20: Otsuka Ai’s ‘Sakuranbo’. It’s cute how she says “atashi” instead of “watashi”!

Q21: The best member is?

A21: If I really had to pick, it would be Woohyun. He takes the lead and brings everyone to one place.

Q22: My ideal type is?

A22: Because I’m eccentric, it’s going to be hard to find someone that matches with me!


Q23: What did you feel on your 300th day since debut? Did you appreciate anything?

A23: Truthfully, we were so busy that I didn’t know about it at all..

Q24: A rival to you is?

A24: Although there are people I look up to, don’t have a rival. If there’s anyone I’m competing with, it’s the INFINITE members.

Q25: The member who’s the happiest about debuting in Japan?

A25: L.

Q26: The food you like the most is?

A26: Fruit.

Q27: The person who messes up their room the most?

A27: (Slightly in a quiet voice) Leader Sunggyu.

Q28: What’s your background picture on your cellphone?

A28: It’s our company’s CEO. (Laughter)

Q29: If you could only play one song for Japanese fans, who don’t about Infinite yet, what would it be?

A29: Since it’s our debut song, ‘Come Back Again’.


Q30: The song you like the most throughout INFINITE’s songs?

A30: ‘Nothing’s Over’

Q31: Anything that changed since you came into INFINITE?

A31: Everything. Everything became upgraded. And it’s all thanks to the members.

Q32: What is the first thing you do when you get back to the dorms?

A32: Go to my bed.

Q33: The thing you dislike the most in the world is? (or something you don’t have?, something you’re not used to?)

A33: Nothing.

Q34: If you were born again, who would you want to be?

A34: Boku (me).

Q35: What did you have for dinner last night?

A35: Red pepper paste stew. It was spicy and delicious.

Q36: If you get a girlfriend, what do you want to do for her?

A36: Huhoot [Laughter]. Holding hands and going on a date. I want to go to a park or an amusement park.


Q37: A word that was hard when you sang in Japanese?

A37: My part only has English…

Q38: Your favorite songs in your MP3 player?

A38: All of INFINITE’s songs!

Q39: When you go outside, what’s something that’s necessary to take?

A39: MP3 player, cellphone, and food.

– To hurry up and grow, I eat orange juice and kimbap. And ginseng for my health.

Q40: What do you like most in the world?

A40: My MP3 player. I can’t live without music!

Q41: Your life in 10 years?

A41: A singer who’s good at singing!

Q42: When do you want to get married?

A42: Around my early 30’s.

Q43: A word to yourself singing on TV.

A43: ‘Work harder!’ I want to find points to improve on so I can grow.

Q44: After debuting, where did you grow the most during these 300 days?

A44: This moment, right now. I can even answer easily to interviews now, right?

Q45: Something you aren’t confident in?

A45: Cleaning

Q46: If you had to take only one person on a stranded island among your members, who would it be?

A46: Sunggyu. I think he can live wherever. So I don’t think I’ll die if we’re together.. (Laughter)

Q47: An episode where you thought, ‘I’m a celebrity’?

A47: When there are fans with my names in banners. I look for them and find them while being on stage. I want to be a memory to people who purposely come to see us. So I throw a heart on stage.

Q48: How did you gain your interest in music?

A48: When I quit soccer, Stevie Wonder’s voice comforted me.

Q49: How do you change once you start dating?

A49: I will put my girlfriend before anything, before myself.

Q50: The time you were most surprised after being a singer?

A50: When the fans who came to see us during ‘Nothing’s Over’ promotions at a music program recording, suddenly increased.

I Want to Know INFINITE as ∞!

Relay Interview Part 1

Sungjong -> L

Just getting straight to the point, how does L hyung truthfully view me as?


Just getting straight to the point, how does L hyung view me as? Answer truthfully.


I think you’re a cute and bright kid, and even when there are times when you get teased by the other members, they think of you cutely, right? Then how does Sungjong view me?


I didn’t really care much about you before, but now I ended up taking care of you. But I think L hyung’s best positive point is that he’s good looking.


Huhoot. Arigatou Gojaimasu (Thank you so much)


Even if he may seem like a blunt person, he’s really fun once you befriend him. And also, hyung, there’s something I want to ask you, now that we have this chance.




When you have a straight face on, what are you thinking about? I’m really curious!


Huh!? (With an expression like ‘asking something like that?’) Normally? Mm~ I don’t think of anything. I just have a blank look on.


Aw~ And I thought you were having serious thoughts about this and that.


Things like, what should I have for dinner today…


That’s it? Also, L hyung has something really interesting about him.. If I ask questions, there are times when he answers back with something completely different. When something like that happens, I say, “As expected, L hyung is a creative person~”


Huh!? (serious expression) I said it because I thought it was the correct answer, but it wasn’t? (Laughter) No wonder why the conversation always ended up going out of place…


But there are points where I have to model myself after L hyung.


What is it? What is it?


Because he’s a person who does what he wants to the end, be it the guitar, singing, or practicing dances, I want to receive points like that.


Sungjong~ah! (Looks at the staffs) I’m very content right now.

You Aren’t Interested In Me~? Liar~


If you had to rate your looks in INFINITE, what place would I be?


Uh~mm. Around the 7th…


You’re lying, right!? Then what about me? Look into my eyes and answer me!





[L & Sungjong]

Hahaha (Laughter)


We get the question, “If you were a girl, which member would you want to date?”, a lot from Japanese magazine interviews. Who would L hyung like?


Sungyeollie~? His innocent point is cute

(Passing by)


Huh? It was Woohyun last time


Love changes (Laughter)


For me, I want to date all of the members once. (Smiles) If I went on a date with L hyung, I think I’d just stare at his face. Because he’s handsome.


Because Sungjong’s energetic, it’d be good to go to a theme park if we went on a date.


Hey, L hyung, isn’t there anything you want to ask me?


Not really..


Huh!? You have no interest in me? Liar~ (Laughter)


Since we always live together, I know everything.. There’s no need to ask anything


I still have a lot I want to know! Is there anything you want to ask to the other members?


I share a bed with my roommate, Dongwoo hyung. But over half the bed is occupied by Dongwoo hyung’s dolls, so I’m sleeping in a corner. (Laughter) So I want to ask just why he collects so many dolls.


We’ll ask that during Dongwoo hyung’s interview portion. They said that the end of the relay interview is to think of INFINITE’s catch phrase. A catch phrase L hyung thinks of is?


If it were Woohyun hyung, he would’ve said something like “Inspiration”. (Laughter) INFINITE is “family”. Our affection grows because we spend more time with each other than our families. Each and every member is important. So I hope that each and every member would succeed.


The best performance group, INFINITE.

Introducing the 7 members’ recommended ENTERTAINMENT that influenced them.

My BEST ENTERTAINMENT is this!! (Sunggyu)

(Rock band Nell’s concert video!!!!)

The concert video for Korea’s best band, Nell seniors, who I look up to, touched me a lot. I liked Nell a lot since I was younger and while listening to Nell’s songs, I thought “I want to be a singer too”! Those who listen to Nell’s vocal, Jongwan senior, will have their hearts moved. Along with that, the beautiful melody and lyrics that spread through your heart are really the best.!!


trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates

source cr; bestiz ; take out with full credits ♥!


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