[INTERVIEW] 110601 – Lee Sungyeol “While looking at the camera, my singer side really shows! Haha”

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Infinite’s member, Lee Sungyeol, who has fully become an actor through SBS’s ‘While You Were Sleeping’.

■ ‘Infinite’ Lee Sungyeol’s first try at real acting

After always going on stage with his 6 members, Infinite member, Lee Sungyeol (20), isn’t used to acting by himself in front of the camera.

However, when listening to his story of his earnest goal being “I need to succeed and let people know about our team” and “My dream used to be becoming an actor”, you could feel the proudness.

Lee Sungyeol comes out on SBS’s daily drama, ‘While You Were Sleeping’, as the high schooler, Yoon Sojun who’s a late child that’s 18 years apart from his hyung (Choi Wonyoung). He’s a model student and kingka at school while at home, he’s the anticipated one and precious son to become a law student.

Lee Sungyeol, who has gained a lot of experience from being extras during his high school days, has been an actor for the encore presentation of ‘TV Carries Love’ and did various minor roles in dramas while learning from the set. After a year of effort, he finally received a minor role as a student with one line on ‘Good Job, Good Job,’.

He who stated, “I’m happy lately after achieving my dream of being an actor”, revealed embarrassing episodes that happened on the set because of his habits he got as a singer. “When I stand on stage as a singer, I stare at the camera as if I’m about to eat it and sing. You’re not supposed to look at the camera while acting, but I was so nervous that I forgot about it and stared at the camera. When I think about it now, it was a really embarrassing moment.”

Seems like there would be jealousy and envy from Infinite because he’s promoting as an actor by himself. Lee Sungyeol laughed while saying, “It’s a time where we should be promoting and informing about our team more. There isn’t any member who’s jealous, but the members who have an interest in acting look at my script sometimes and read the lines for my opposite role.

Although he’s close to his first steps as an actor, Lee Sungyeol looks at his senior, Lim Changjung, and dreams about the future. “I want to be an all-round entertainer like Lim Changjung senior, who fits well with comical characters and melodramas. After reaching the highest position as a singer and actor, my next dream is to be a trot singer. Look forward to the day where you’ll see my inner trot side.”


trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates

source cr; donga news ; take out with FULL credits ♥


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