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With their third single album ,  multi-talented idols Infinite succeeded in transforming from tough guys  to refreshing milky boys. Fashionista Go Joonhee who has an alluring  mask captures the attention of others as soon as they land on her. In an  undefined day, time, and place, the secretive and thrilling encounter  between the lovely stars began as became their  paparazzis in following them around.

If you were to express on Twitter how you feel right now, what would it be?
Sunggyu: I’m nervous.
L: It’s clear.
Sungjong: Ah, freedom!
Hoya: A beautiful weather, I want to go out and play~
Sungyeol: Sigh, it’s complicated. The things to do is a mountain pile.
Woohyun: It’s refreshing!
Dongwoo: A sluggish afternoon, let’s fly!

The current event that I’m interested in lately.
SunggyuThe death of Osama Bin Laden
L: Rather than current events, I’m interested in shopping.
Sungjong: . Our song.
Hoya: Infinite’s comeback
Woohyun: Fighting with your skin (troubles)!
Dongwoo: A kiss

To me, ‘Nothing’s Over’ is
Sunggyu: a thankful song. All of our songs are important
L: A song that let my name be known. If you look at our performance, you’ll know.
Sungjong: An important song. It fits with us.
Hoya: an important song. Also, because I wrote the rap for this song.
Sungyeol: A song that gives me laughter. Just listening to it makes me feel good.
Woohyun: a song like a vitamin. When I sing this song on stage, I smile without knowing it.
Dongwoo: a turnover song. A good song like this as the follow-up for BTD?

You’ll soon be having your first performance in Japan?
Sunggyu: I want to hurry and..
L: I want to perform well too, but I also want to take pictures.
Sungjong: Thump thump! [T/N: Like the sound of a heart beating]
Sungyeol: I want to hurry and meet Japanese fans.
Woohyun: Japan, a place we’ll be active in.
Dongwoo: I’m nervous. I’m fluttering.

When complimented as a hanllyu star.
Sunggyu: I’m fascinated. It’s something far from what I am right now.
L: I feel like a star.
Sungjong: It’s unaccustomed. It’s awkward to hear that for us.
Hoya: It sounds off to me. I don’t think we’re at that point yet.
Sungyeol: It just seems great to hear. It’s our dream.
Woohyun: Embarrassing. We’ve only been overseas twice!
Dongwoo: Really?

The body part you’re most confident in
Sunggyu: My hands.
L: My butt
Sungjong: My eyes.
Hoya: are my canine teeth.
Sungyeol: My face.
Woohyun: My nose.
Dongwoo: My eyes

My nickname is
Sunggyu: grandpa. Because I’m always tired.
L: Darsu. I’m really like a Darsu [T/N: I’m not sure if he means the character from that one drama v__v].
Sungjong: Jjong. Because I’m the magnae.
Hoya: Boradori. Because I go crazy for purple. [T/N: Boradori is Tinky Winky from Teletubbies in Korean]
Sungyeol: Choding. I’m childish.
Woohyun: tree. Because of Nam Woohyun. [T/N: Namoo is tree in Korean and is sounds like Nam-Woo]
Dongwoo: innocent dinosaur. A dinosaur, but also a really innocent man,

To be a man
Sunggyu: having a wide heart. I learned that a man needs to have an understanding hear as wide as the ocean.
L: being focused on one thing. Because you have to succeed.
Sungyeol: to be put others before yourself.
Woohyun: knowing how to love. However as of right now, I’m a loner.
Dongwoo: to understand everything with the heart as wide as an ocean.

The member you’re most envious of in the group
Sunggyu: Sungjong. Because he’s the youngest in age.
L: Sungjong. Because he’s youngest in age.
Sungjong:  Dongwoo hyung. He’s the most optimistic.
Hoya: L. Because he’s good looking.
Sungyeol: L. He improved a lot by working hard.
Woohyun: Sungjong, because he’s in his 10s [T/N: Like 10s, 20s, 30s, etc.]
Dongwoo: .L.  Because he’s a perfect sculpture.

Amongst the 7 members, I’m best at this!

Sunggyu: Age
L: Hrm, my gaze?
Sungjong: Girl group dances.
Hoya: Force, charisma
Sungyeol: Height
Woohyun: A subtle charm.
Dongwoo: Optimism!

The item you treasure the most?
Sunggyu: My beautiful body! Sorry. Bows!
Sungjong: MP3.
Hoya: Macbook
Sungyeol: Cellphone
Woohyun:  I don’t even have a person to love, so I can’t love an item.
My appearance complex
Sunggyu: are my small eyes.
L: is my hair
Sungjong: is my chin
Hoya: is hairiness.
Sungyeol: is none.
Woohyun: are my eyes.
Dongwoo: My teeth

Celebrity that is closes to my ideal.
Sunggyu: Soya
L: am I allowed to say?
Sungjong: Song Hyegyo.
Hoya: Kim Yeonah
Sungyeol: Senior Son Yejin.
Woohyun: Me?
Dongwoo: Lee Minjung.

How I am when I’m in love?
Sunggyu: I’m always in a lifted mood.
L:  To run away (together). That’s my hope.
Sungjong: An honest person. I give my everything
Hoya: I’m passionate. I’m a man like fire.
Sungyeol:  All-in!
Woohyun: A tree who gives happiness, without any hesitation.
Dongwoo: An innocent man who gives and takes his feelings with another.

What I really want within this year.
Sunggyu: Maturing in music.
L: Evolution
Sungjong: 1st place.
Hoya: My song
Sungyeol: To be at the top.
Woohyun: 1st place.
Dongwoo: To go on a drive

What brings the members together.
Dongwoo: Food
Hoya: Music
L: Being Together
Sungyeol: Infinity.
Sungjong: Music.

What kind of idols will you be to nunas?
Dongwoo: Idols who shoot happy viruses.
Hoya: A respected idol. I’m going to be a respectable idol.
Sungjong:  Idols like an oppa. Since I’m the youngest, I’ve never been able to feel that.
Sungyeol: Idols who are of importance and gain lots of love.
Woohyun:  Idols who bring smiles on others’ faces. We will become their top stars.


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