[INTERVIEW] 110418 Ceci Magazine Interview

Infinite – Uniform-dol Infinite’s Nothing’s Over

“We already threw the dice! Someone has to end the game soon!” In the intense and variety of idols in the game Jumanji, ‘uniform-dol’ Infinite work in harmony and will change the dynamics of the game with the dices thrown. Nothing’s Over!


Infinite’s weighted charisma. Motive: Seeing Yoo Seung joon when I was in 1st grade, I developed my dream of becoming a dancer and singer. After that, I changed my dreams often until my 3rd year of middle school where I developed the dream of becoming a singer again. After dropping out from high school, I lived in the practice room for 24 hours. Spec:Having the capability of dancing, rapping, and singing. Game Ground: Training my image of the stage before I stand on stage backstage. Rule: A rule amongst the members which is not to check each others’ cell phones. Practice: I practiced 5 days straight. Opportunity Cost: I lost a lot of friends. Instead, I gained fans. BGM: Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself.’ Partner: I want to perform with our senior Yoon Mirae. Both her rapping and singing are the best skills. Role Model: Ushers’ dance skills and his talents in musicality that I envy all of. All-In: All in on my voice. Competitive Spirit: When put in a freestyle battle. I begin togo into the mindset of terminating them all. Item: What I really want to earn in the future is lyric composing skills.The Ultimate Goal: Winning this game and going into a bigger game is my wish.


Infinite’s leader, and the eldest hyung who is sorry that he has to nag at his dongsengs.Motive: Being in a band during high school, he developed his dreams of becoming a singer. After graduating, he moved up to Seoul by himself and auditioned. In order to make money for living, he worked all sorts of jobs. Spec: Our CEO said I have the capability to make everyone feel good and joyful. However, my energy has been weaker lately, so I’m worried. I hope my energy regains again… In Common: We share socks. Because we have so many people, there’s no reason to be picky as to which one is mine or yours. Rule: When doing laundry, remember your turn. BGM: ‘Hysterie’ on the 2nd album. The rhythm is god and I was content with my voice. Partner: If I could perform with our senior Nell, it’ll be like a dream. Role Model: Our senior Nell. There’s a mysterious vibe from his songs that you can never know and if I could write songs like that. Gauge: Gauge of varieties. I want to be funny too. Making others laugh is really hard and difficult. The Ultimate Goal: Living as a musician till I die.


Infinite’s deep thought and self-proclaimed mother of the group. Spec: Respect and smile.Weapon: Infinite is of course uniformity! That’s how much teamwork we have! And that much personality! But the fascinating thing is, there is no one that is similar to us. Game Ground: In the practice room, I rap, dance, adlib, and have freestyle battles. When on the road or in the waiting room, I read letters or a book, watch movies, or write in my journal.Ensemble: When we’re in harmony or when we make fun of someone! (Ah, I don’t fit in well.) When we harmonize! BGM: Can U Smile. Partner: Standing on a join stage with our seniors Epik High, duet with my senior Yangpa, featuring for my senior Kan Mi Yeon, and performing with my older sister. Role Model: Kanye West! His stage performance, sensible songs, and the adventurous spirit he has works me up. Ludacris! I want to steal his voice tone and emphasis. The Ultimate Goal: In interpreting various genres of music in our style and putting them out.


The magnae with a lot of aegyo and tidies the house, as the cleaning person of his environment. Motive: When I first stood on stage, I liked the feeling and since then, I raised my dreams of becoming a singer. After auditioning, I practiced hard to become a singer.Spec: Talent and effort that can’t be suppressed. Game Ground: When in the waiting room or in the car, I dance while listening to my MP3 or play with the hyungs by tossing jokes.Ensemble: How is our dancing so uniform. Opportunity Cost: Friends, personal life, and the food my parents make for me I gave up. Instead, I achieved my dreams. Fun: I laugh when I talk to the hyungs. Luck: Going on shows and varieties is luck. Partner: I want to dance with Beyonce. Rival: Myself. Role Model: Michael Jackson. He has amazing performances and I want to have the sensibility he had on stage. Competitive Spirit: When I dance the choreographies to girl groups, my competitive side comes out. The Ultimate Goal: Doing my best into becoming a singer that can be admired.


Infinite’s goofball, the trouble maker. Motive: His first was to become an actor, but he felt a new charm to music. Spec: In the team, my height is my one talent. Game Ground: We build our teamwork and play with the board games our fans sent us at the dorm. In Common:Sharing useful knowledge or practice methods when standing on stage. Rule: What’s yours is yours! It’s a sensitive question. Practice: I practiced till my ligament in my ankle tore and was uniform with everyone else after having a cast on. Opportunity Cost: In losing our personal lives, I earned the title Infinite. BGM: I have an attachment to ‘Come Back Again’ that was first shown through the name Infinite. Partner: I want to have a Woollim concert with Nell and Jisun nuna. Role Model: Our senior Im Chang Jung. Whether it’s singing, variety, or acting, he does everything well and I want to steal his talents. All-In: All in on facial expressions! My facial expressions are limited, so I’m practicing in front of the mirror.Competitive Spirit: I am competitive in games, so I get worked up and play till the end. The Ultimate Goal: Becoming a friendly singer to all people.


Infinite’s mental pillar. He’s in charge of humor, aegyo, and uncle. Spec: Master of impersonations. Motive: I liked talent shows ever since I was in kindergarten. I was never embarrassed of showing something in front of others. Weapon: Infinite’s weapon is teamwork, uniformity, musicianship. In Common: Amongst the members, they give and share vitamins with one another, and even share talents that we practice together. Practice: I succeeded in only eating cereal and not rice for 3 weeks, losing 5kg! I practiced high pitches during my trainee days and even had vocal nodules. Opportunity Cost: I nearly quit schooling while promoting as Infinite, so there were hardships. Instead, I am receiving love as I have achieved my dream. Luck: Fans called Inspirit. BGM: Hysterie in our 2nd album is really good. Partner: If I could feature with Nell, Chris Brown, and Stevie Wonder! Rival: I get worked up when I see our senior Nell. His composing, producing, and singing are all very admirable. Role Model: Stevie Wonder. I want to steal his vocal cords… Competitive Spirit:When I work out, I get competitive. The Ultimate Goal: Victory. 


Infinite’s presence. Spec: What I do best amongst the team is games, taking pictures, eating, and can’t forget persistence. Weapon: Infinite’s biggest competitiveness is teamwork. That is why we are infinite-dols. Game Ground: In order to show a perfect performance, we consistently practice in the waiting room and behind the stage! In our free time at the dorm, we sleep and shop online. Rule: The rule that the members must follow at the dorm is taking care of one’s own dishes as well as putting away their stuff on their own. Practice: When wanting to finish something, you have to stay up in the night to do so. Opportunity Cost: In order to become Infinite, I didn’t give up anything else. I earned my members. BGM: In this album, the song I have the most attachment to is Nothing’s Over. It has all the things I want to say to Inspirits.Partner: Doing a duet or featuring with my mom and dad. Rival: We work up each other. Role Model: Our seniors TVXQ. Their domination on the stage. Competitive Spirit: Whenever someone makes snide remarks, it brings out the competitive side in me.Gauge: I want to gain knowledge of foreign languages and improve my vocals. Turn the Table: Infinite will becoming nation idols through affinity. The Ultimate Goal: Best of best!

trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates; take out with full credits

source cr; murisu


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