[INTERVIEW] 110411 – Infinite “We’re optimistic idols! No promised debut, we gritted our teeth and endured through it”


Now, here are the boys that changed hardships and adversities into optimism. With their optimism, the idol group INFINITE make their comeback

The seven boys greeted us brightly before going into the photo shoot and they must have been tired since it was early in the morning, but they were able to take jokes and even joke around light, leading the atmosphere into a brighter path.

Infinite, who left a strong impression with their song ‘BTD’ (Before The Dawn), has returned recently with a refreshing and spring-like single ‘Nothing’s Over.’ Taking away the weight of their monotone outfits and charisma that Infinite held, they greet their fans warmly with pastel-tone colored outfits and bright smiles as soon as they make their comeback.

“Our song this time is spring’s, of spring, and for spring. I think it’s a song the fans will like since it’s in time for the season.” (Dongwoo)

“Everyone looks good in a brighter image. The fans really like this concept, so I’m very thankful. I didn’t know the responses would be this good. It’s a surprise, so I was even more ecstatic.” (Sunggyu)

Optimism 1: “We were never promised of a debut. We gritted our teeth and kept enduring.”

“During our trainee days, no matter how hard we worked, it was still difficult knowing that we weren’t promised anything. No matter how hard we worked, there was no guarantee. The friends who were in our daily lives were people who could be in the same team as us or even rivals. Seeing the people who were hyungs and donsengs to us who couldn’t endure through it and leave, it was heartbreaking and difficult. I couldn’t adjust to that.” (Sunggyu)

Like trainees of any other company, Infinite never had a time where their debut date was set, so they spent an uneasy amount of time, especially fighting against their physical state as well as the far commute of the members from their homes in the rural sides to their practice room.

The members whose homes were in Seoul or Kyungkido were fine, bbut the other members who lived in Busan, Kwangju, and Jeonju had to spend the night in their practice room. Sungjong, the youngest member whose home is in Kwangju, started his lifestyle of living alone away from his parents since middle school at the age of 17 in becoming a singer, shedding tears many times by himself.

Woohyun spoke up about Sungjong, who is currently 19, as he said, “The hyungs didn’t get to see their parents often either due to practices ending late and suffered a lot, but our youngest Sungjong was admirable for being able to endure through it well,” giving him strength in midst of his compliment.

In the practice room, Infinite didn’t just sleep but faced difficulties in ‘running at the Han River’ early in the morning. Every morning, they weren’t just jogging 4.2km, but running full-speed. Even if it was snowing on that day as the Han River would be frozen, they still ran.

“Some days it would be really cold to the point where our eyebrows would frost. Our CEO would tell us that we needed to take care of our physical conditions, so we ran full-speed every day at the Han River. Running at the Han River was difficult, but my joints would hurt due to practicing choreographies to the point where I had to get it bandaged at a hospital, though I came back to practice again. I fritted my teeth and endured through it.” (Sungyeol)

“Our physical conditions have improved due to running at the Han River. It was really difficult and I tried not to show it due to burdening the younger ones.” (Woohyun)

Leader Sunggyu confessed that he did show his pains and in response, Sungyeol confessed, “When Sunggyu hyung was in difficulty, I would be too but beside him,” disclosing their difficult trainee days with laughter.

Optimism #2: “Loving the members that are like my family even more.”

“If you see our performance, you can see how our teamwork is.” (Woohyun)

Infinite earned the title ‘the terminator of synchronized choreographies’ in thanks to their physical states built through their share in running at the Han River, but it was the members’ brotherly affection that made it the bigger factor in creating that image.

Sunggyu expressed his deep love for the members in a serious tone. “I apologize to the fans, but I love the members more. It’s something I can’t control. When we do our persona schedules, I feel as if I’m seeing my dongsengs get stepped on and my hair is falling out. I’m not supposed to worry and do my best, but it’s unimaginable of how lonely they will get.”

“At first, I didn’t realize it when I did my first personal schedule, but the gap of when I’m going out with the hyungs versus by myself is huge now. When the hyungs aren’t around, it’s awkward and feels empty. Having the hyungs gives me courage and I feel like I have a depenedent figure.” (Sungjong)

Having 7 boys gather and dwell together without any fighting is a lie. If there’s a saying that men build their friendship through fighting, then there are arguments amongst the members while living in one dorm together; however, they fill each others’ lacking parts through pointing out the problems with one another. This was the reason as to being able to see the tight friendship amongst Infinite.

Optimism #3: “Returning the same amount of love we gain from our fans”

Not having even made their debut for a year, Infinite is thankful for the support and love their fans send them. Especially at music programs or stage performances, the cheering of their fans is the remedy to shaking off their nervousness.

“Before we sing, nervousness takes over us extremely, but it vanishes when we see the fans cheering for us as we stand on stage. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to cheer for us. I really like our fans. They’re like a girlfriend: pretty and lovely.” (Woohyun)

“We’re thankful for our fans that look out for us beside us to the point where we feel that we don’t deserve it. As much love as our fans give us, we want to show our fans a better image of ourselves in returning the favor.” (Sunggyu)

In ending the interview, what we felt from Infinite was that like their group name, they won’t manifest and hold infinity. Also, their optimism will be their strength.

Infinite, who show strong and bright energy, keeps us anticipated on what kind of image, performance, and songs in the future.

trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates; take out with full credits

source cr; Seoul NTN



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