[NEWS] 110310 – Infinite, ‘Server Down’ After Revealing Their Single Album’s Music Video Teaser

The 7 membered idol group, Infinite, revealed their music video teaser video for the third single, ‘Nothing’s Over’.

The teaser video revealed on various online video sites on the 10th, such as Bugs and Youtube, is garnering attention for the romantic playboys look that the Infinite members came back with.

The Infinite members, who have been showing us a charismatic and chic charm for awhile, show off a cute charm through this teaser video, fluttering the hearts of noona fans.

Along with the members’ baby perms, their simple yet unique clothes add onto their fresh look.

Five minutes after this teaser video was released, the server went down, making us realize Infinite’s increased popularity.

Fans who saw the video gave various reactions such as, “How could they be reborn into such shining oppas!”, “Seems like they will capture the hearts of noonas”, and “I’m looking forward to what kind of album they’ll come back with”.

On another note, Infinite will release their new single album on the 17th and will officially start promoting with the title song, ‘Nothing’s Over’.

Source cr: Sports Today

Translator cr: hyejin , emilie, & jihye @ Infinite Updates

re-post by one.way.lover @ overzeroforum



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