[news] 110307 – infinite’s woohyun pushes back hair, ‘shows off masculinity’


or the original title of: Infinite’s Woohyun, Transforms Into Revealed Woohyun With His Pushed Back Hair, ‘Shows Off Masculinity’

Infinite’s Woohyun boldly revealed his forehead.

On the 6th, Woohyun wrote a greeting of “Inspirits! You’re doing well, right?” and, “You can’t meet someone else while I’m gone!”, on his Twitter. Woohyun also posted a picture of his pushed back hair that showed off his masculinity.

Infinite will start their follow up promotions in the middle of March. To show a new side of Woohyun, they pushed back his hair and revealed his forehead for the first time since their debut.

On the other hand, Infinite revealed two single albums in Japan and are joining the Hallyu Wave.

article cr; newsen

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥

re-post; fuckyeahinfinite @


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