[interview] march 2011 edition of junior magazine part 4


‘The Art of Seduction’

A seductive comment that would work 100% of the time or my charm

Dongwoo: Doesn’t work! My charm is my strength and greasy eyes.

Sungjong: I will honestly tell her that I like her.

L: Ah, excuse me! You dropped this.

Sunggyu: Shall we go out to eat together?

Hoya: I will show her my own stage.

Sungyeol: Aegyo? [Acting cute]

Woohyun: As soon as I open my eyes, I see you. That’s my way of expressing my interest. But to be honest, I never got to try that out on a person I liked, so pass~



How will you respond to the apocalypse?

Woohyun: I will plant a tree.

L: I’ll plant an apple tree.

Sungjong: I’m going to pray.

Dongwoo: After saying goodbye to my family, I’m going to sleep. So I won’t know if the apocalypse comes.


‘Night of the Living Dead’

Everyone became a zombie. What’s your choice as the only person left alive?

Sungjong: I’ll keep running away whilst fighting them. I’ll save this world by finding a potion that will make them turn back into human beings.

Dongwoo, Sunggyu: There’s definitely another person who’s not a zombie. I have to find that person.

Woohyun: I will live with the zombies in peace, like good friends.

Hoya: I’m heading to the ocean.


‘The Proposal’

What’s the proposal of your dreams?

Sungyeol: I’m going to confess my love on worldwide television.

Dongwoo: I’m going to borrow a small boat and make it look like a coincidence. When there’s just the two of us, I’m going to confess my heart.

Hoya: I’m going to compose a song made especially for one person and then sing it to her.

Woohyun: I’m going to make it so that only my face will be on all TV channels and confess my love.

Sunggyu: I’m going to buy my girlfriend a private airplane. I’ll already be on the plane, and welcome her. Then we’ll leave together on a vacation.

Sungjong: At a mountain summit, I’m going to kneel and propose to her.

L: In a sincere voice, I will ask, “Will you marry me?”


trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; re-post by fuckyeahinfinite @ tumblr ; take out with full credits (adding yourselves to the credits is NOT allowed)


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