[interview] march 2011 edition of junior magazine part 3


‘Truman Show’

You had to do a live show for 24 hours. Most embarrassing moment?

L: I turned on the computer secretly at night. I succeeded. Happiness last for a little while, 3 seconds later I turn around and see my mother standing at my doorway.

Sunggyu: I went to a restaurant and I find that I have a hole in my sock.

Woohyun: (M! Countdown) first broadcast… ripped pants.

Hoya: I haven’t had any really embarrassing moments, but if someone was watching me, I would think that all my moments would be embarrassing.

Dongwoo: I went into the girls’ bathroom by accident and, rather, I got mad at them.

Sungyeol: I thought no one was there and started to change my clothes. My god!!



You went to the ocean with your members, and then Jaws appeared. If you don’t save them quickly, everyone will die. Who’ll you save first?!!

Sungyeol: If one person was going to die, I think it would be better if we all died.

Hoya: I’ll find a way to save everyone.

Dongwoo: We’ll all kill Jaws and eat him together.

Woohyun: One Jaws is nothing.

Sunggyu: I’ll save the youngest, Sungjong, first. And if I just pretend I’m dead, don’t you think Jaws will go someplace else?

Sungjong: Since Dongwoo hyung can’t swim, it’s possible that he’ll drown, so I’ll save him first.



The robot I need is?

L: A twin robot that looks exactly like me. I want to see what I act like.

Sungjong: A robot that cleans, cooks, and gives me piggyback rides.

Sunggyu: A robot that washes me. When I’m tired, I can just lie still and it’ll do it all for me.

Woohyun: Cleaning robot. Housemaid robot.

Dongwoo: A robot that won’t get tired even if it dances all day and can play whenever everyone else is asleep; infinite stamina robot. A robot that has a lot of storage space and can organize pretty well.

Sungyeol: A robot that’ll improve my entertainment skills.



I can give my life for the one I love.

Woohyun: Of course, you can bet on it.

Dongwoo: I’m going to live and save the other person, too.



You can’t remember anything for more than 10 minutes. Still, what’s the one thing you never want to forget?

Sungyeol: The memories I’ve made with my family

Dongwoo: I don’t want to forget myself.

Woohyun: When all the fans became one and sang our song at our fanmeeting. I was so touched that I cried a lot. I never want to forget that.

Hoya: Memories with the people I love.

Sunggyu: I don’t want to forget the person that I love and care for.



You’re stranded on a deserted island. You need one member and three things.

Dongwoo: Woohyun. My things are a shovel, a hammer, and a knife!

Woohyun: Dongwoo. If I’m with Dongwoo, I don’t think I’ll be bored. Computer, foodstuffs, and cellphone.

Sunggyu: L. Toiletries, MP3 player, cellphone. L is quiet, so I don’t think he’ll disturb my vacation. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get a good rest in a place where there are no people.

Hoya: Dongwoo hyung. Notebook, MP3 player, blanket.

‘If Only’

Your last day with the person you love.

Hoya: I want to grant all of that person’s wishes.

Sungyeol: I’ll make one last promise. That we’ll certainly meet again in the next life.

Dongwoo: I’ll reminisce while looking at old photos. I’ll converse with that person all day; when it becomes nighttime, I’ll take her to the best restaurant and then go watch the city lights.

Woohyun: I want to take the girl I love to meet my parents.

L: There will be a wedding ceremony.

Sunggyu: I’ll take her hand in mine and go watch the waves of the ocean. At the beach I will face the world and shout with all my might, that I love her.


trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; re-post by fuckyeahinfinite @ tumblr ; take out with full credits (adding yourselves to the credits is NOT allowed)


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