[interview] march 2011 edition of junior magazine part 1


Cinematic Infinite

The Moment in My Life That Felt Like a Movie.

Sungyeol: After becoming a trainee till now.

Dongwoo: When I started sprinting towards a pharmacy after my father suddenly became ill. The moment when I only looked in front of me and ran, so cars were closely passing me by.

Hoya: The time when I danced in the streets every week in Busan, with my friends.

Woohyun: Our first stage—— The screams—- My breathing—-.

Sunggyu: Coming to Seoul after graduating high school and started working; when I passed my auditions and debuted.

L: From the moment I was born till now. And every moment in the future will become like a scene from a movie.

Sungjong: Listening to my MP3 on top of a mountain and feeling the breeze.


A Character That Fits With The Members

Dongwoo: Hoya is like The Thing from ‘Fantastic 4’. Woohyun is like the main male character from ‘Sky High’. Sungjong is like Nemo from ‘Finding Nemo’. Sunggyu hyung is like ‘Kung Fu Panda’. L is like Wonbin from ‘Ahjusshi’. And Sungyeol is like Yoo Seungho from ‘The Way Home’.

Hoya: Dongwoo hyung looks similar to Kang Baekho from the animation, ‘Slam Dunk’.

Sunggyu: He looks like Jim Carrey too. Both Dongwoo and Jim Carrey’s expressions are alive.

Woohyun: We can all be the stone from ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’. Since we’re Sesame-finite [T/N: meaning they come out on shows and things for a short time, but they’re still there].

L: Sungyeol is like an elementary schooler.

Sungjong: I think Woohyun hyung would be good at a con artist role. L hyung would do a charismatic role. Hoya hyung would do a Busan man role, Dongwoo hyung would do a fool role, and Sunggyu hyung would get the role of someone who has a lot of willpower, but things just don’t work out for him.


trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; re-post by fuckyeahinfinite @ tumblr ; take out with full credits (adding yourselves to the credits is NOT allowed)


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